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Monday, March 21, 2016

Inglis Falls

Hi friends, I thought I would introduce you to Inglis Falls in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.  It's so nice to have such beautiful falls within about 20 minutes from home.  This is definitely a tourist attraction for the area.  The changing of the seasons adds to the beauty of the falls, to me the most beautiful times to visit are Autumn and Winter when the snow is still on the ground.

This is the view from the top of the falls.  In the Autumn it is exceptionally beautiful as all of these trees are in beautiful shades of red, yellow, orange, etc.

This view is looking down from the bridge that leads you to the old grist mill, the water is just churning.  It is right before it goes over the falls.

This photo is above the falls looking in the other direction.

The grist mill.

There are lots of hiking trails past the grist mill.

One of the millstones.  These are quite large.

There is the boardwalk that leads you down to the base of the falls.  There are a few viewing points along the way.

Looking toward the top of the falls.  The current is quite strong today.

This is one of the viewing points going down the boardwalk.  You can see the grist mill at the top of the falls.

Here you can see the river below.

The trees and bushes are covered with frozen mist from the falls.  There was a lot of mist today and boy was it cold.  We had some snow on the ground this morning but most of it was gone by the afternoon.

There are a lot of very large rocks at the base of the falls.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Inglis Falls.  I will take you for another visit when the seasons have changed.  For more information on Inglis Falls, click here.


  1. Wonderful photos ! I haven't been up there for years doesn't look like it has changed much since then either still a pretty area ! Thanks for sharing , have a good week and A Happy Easter !

  2. What beautiful falls! I can imagine the sound of the water. And that's a long ways down to the river below! Your pictures really tell a story. It's so sad that the mill burned. What a loss for that family. I wonder how they managed a livelihood after the fire. Have a wonderful week and a blessed Easter.

    Tamara <3

  3. Your photos are gorgeous, I loved seeing the falls in all their rushing beauty! It is amazing how the grist mills harnessed the power of the water isn't it! I do love the sound of rushing water, it is just so relaxing to hear. I can imagine just how beautiful these falls would be with bright spring colors, or glorious fall colors too. Beautiful, and so nice to be able to visit close to your home too! Enjoyed my visit here today Kelly, and hope you are having a lovely day :)

  4. Good morning, oh the Falls are so beautiful!!!! We passed through there years ago traveling through Canada. We sure have some wonderful scenery, thanks for sharing.Blessings Francine.

  5. Wow, that really is a most beautiful waterfall isn't it!!! I can certainly see the attraction to tourists and any other visitors too. xx

  6. Wow! That is a wonderful place to have so close to home and be able to visit throughout the seasons. Great photos!

  7. Thank you for the tour. It felt like I was right there Janice

  8. Thanks for sharing the CrazySexyCool waterfalls, Kelly!

  9. that looks so pretty and I can only imagine how Gorgeous it must be in the Autumn with all the colors too, how wonderful to have it so close by!!

  10. Just beautiful .... Thank you for sharing :-)

  11. The falls are so beautiful! I can imagine the sound of the rushing water may be loud but relaxing as well!

  12. What a beautiful place! Love the stone outcroppings and the old millstone! So nice that you live so close to such a lovely place, too. x Karen

  13. How pretty!!! It's amazing just how big this world is and how there are hidden places to see. I would never had know of that place until you posted this! Thank you!!!

  14. Never heard of this place...maybe we put it on our list of sites to see. Thanks for sharing Kelly :)

  15. Wonderful place!!! The falls are absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post!
    Happy Easter to you and family!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  16. Wonderful photos and wonderful place Thanks for the tour, Kelly; -)