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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Inside The Barn - A Sneak Peek

Hi Everyone,

Some of you have wondered what may be in my barn and I hesitate to show you.  It's a little scary right now but I've decided to let you have a little look.

At the time we were purchasing our farm, the previous owners were older and wanted to sell the property "as is"..."as is" meaning we take ownership of whatever is left behind.  We were fine with that as we got an earlier closing date due to this and there were some treasures left behind.  Unfortunately, due to all the other work on the property, the "as is" pile continues to remain.  Since we have the wedding coming up next year, it's time for the "as is" pile to disappear, poof, gone!  This is one of the reasons for the garage sale we had hoped to have the last two years, that and our own accumulated stuff.  Actually, my hubby tells me it's mostly my stuff lol!!

As you can see (and this is just half of one wall), there were many things left behind.  Some pieces are definitely keepers while others have to go.  I'm having lower back issues right now so the canes are actually looking kind of good lol!!  Actually, a walker was left behind in the lower part of the barn...hmmm.  Many of the items have already been taken down since this photo was taken but we still have lots to do.

Margie, this one is for you!

Margie, you had previously teased me about the possibility of there being a teacup in the barn lol.  You were right!  I found this in the kitchen cupboard in the barn.  It's the size of a teacup but it's probably classified as a mug.  I'll let you decide.

This sled is definitely a keeper.  I was thrilled when they decided to leave it behind.

The first time my sister had a tour of the barn, she said, "isn't that one of those things they use in horror movies to kill people?"  as she referred to the sithe.  Yes...and now I'm not so sure I want to go into the barn at night alone haha!!

You can see John Wayne "The Duke" standing beside the piano, he's a cardboard figure.  I wonder if he's worth anything.  The piano has to go, anybody looking for a free piano?

As you can see, the barn has potential for weddings.  The previous owners used it for senior jamborees twice a year and would host about 125-150 people.  The owners before that were actually the ones that cemented the floor.  I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not.  I would prefer horse stalls in there but we may look at renting it for weddings or other events in the future instead.  Another horse isn't in the picture yet but I'm still hanging onto my bridles and blankets, etc. from the last one in hopes of it happening again one day.

  This is only a portion of the barn I'm showing you as there is stuff everywhere right now.  The barn includes 2 bathrooms and a small kitchen.  We definitely have our work cut out for us.

This is the kitchen.  My plan is to paint the cupboard doors and replace the hardware.  Unfortunately the kitchen is a little worse for wear right now as we have a rodent of some type using the barn, a squirrel or chipmunk perhaps.  He/she needs to find a new home asap.

This is the men's bathroom.  It will be getting a new coat of paint and some redecorating.  It's very uninviting right now, especially with the lady staring in through the fake window.  She was probably  a friend of the previous owners.

It will probably be early summer of 2017 before the big reveal since we have to have everything in order for the July wedding.  I'll show the full before and after photos at that time.

Thanks for visiting my barn and make sure you come back for the big reveal!

Enjoy your day.

 ~Kelly ~


  1. This barn is wonderful.. Such potential.. and I do so understand the magnitude of the work facing you too. smile.
    The sled is fantastic. Know you were happy they left it behind. Best wishes with your yard sale.

  2. FINALLY!!! When I saw the shot of the tables, my first thought was that you could host tea parties in your HUGE barn! Heh. I would classify the mug (looks like Blue Mountain Pottery?) as a breakfast cup which is bigger than a standard teacup. Can't wait to see the results of your extreme barn makeover!

  3. Well Kelly, I have to say that is one big barn! And the potential is just wonderful. A kitchen and a bathroom ... Wow! It is fun to find such treasures when we purchase property as is ;-D

  4. What a wonderfully clean and tidy barn, not that I've ever been inside one but it's not at all what I was expecting :)
    Enjoy your day.


  5. Oh what an amazing barn I love it and my hubs would love the old tools and such . I can see so much potential in this barn for all kinds of parties , weddings and get togethers why that looks like the perfect dance floor YEEHAW ! swing your partner round and round lol . Love the first photo such a pretty pond with the barn . Thanks for sharing , Hope this barn brings lots of fun and profit to . Have a good weekend !

  6. Very pretty and neat barn. I love it. Looking forward to more photo's next time.

  7. Oh my, I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of the lady peeping through the fake window. Too funny!

    The barn is beautiful, Aunt Kelly, and it definitely has a lot of potential. I know you will make if look amazing :) And was it Aunt Joni that commented on the sithe?

    Love and hugs!

  8. Love your big barn, and it looks so neat and clean! Have a great sale, it feels good to clean out and make some $ too. I have an old sled that hubby says he'll make into a coffee table, lol. Look forward to next years reveal.

  9. What a fantastic barn!! I was expecting it to be front to back full of broken down wagons, furniture and covered in thick cobwebs ;) Gosh, this is the perfect place for a wedding reception. Although the concrete floor doesn't give that rustic feel, it's perfect for lots of folks coming in and not getting their pretty shoes muddy. The tools along the wall are kind of interesting. The peeper in the bathroom has to go ... I just read about the Creeper Peeper that Home Depot removed from their stores (halloween deocration). Now I've got barn envy ha ha!!

  10. I love love the barn. Would be so great to turn it into a wedding venue. It is all the rage here in Michigan. Janice

  11. I love your big barn. Our barn is so small. One day we hope to build a new one. It's so neat you have a kitchen and bathroom in it. I love all the treasures. Can't wait to see it ready for the wedding. Praying your back gets better, mine has been something else lately too.

  12. I love your big barn. Our barn is so small. One day we hope to build a new one. It's so neat you have a kitchen and bathroom in it. I love all the treasures. Can't wait to see it ready for the wedding. Praying your back gets better, mine has been something else lately too.

  13. Your barn is wonderful, Kelly! I can totally see having weddings here! I laughed so hard at the 'lady peering in the window'! Lots of good vintage stuff in there..... Can't wait to see the big reveal! Hope your back feels better soon. xx Karen

  14. I love how they have things displayed on the wall like that and they did leave behind some great stuff. Oh that looks just perfect for a summer wedding!! Oh my goodness that lady looking in the window is just too funny, I have never seen that before, bet that is a little shocking the first time they go in there, LOL!

  15. I really enjoyed your barn sneak peek tour..what an amazing barn this is! So much potential for sure, and I can see it being just a gorgeous place to hold a wedding! I know you will have it looking awesome in time for the wedding! Hate that your back is hurting, that is not any fun! Praying that gets better for you! The picture of the barn with the pond is simply gorgeous, I love it! Hugs to you today :)