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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Winter Fun

Hi Friends,

Lately we had been going through a January thaw and have lost a majority of our snow.  There was a hint of Spring in the air and it was wonderful.  And then...back it came which of course we expected.  Snow squall watches and warnings and slippery roads.  Thursday morning was gorgeous as we had heavy, wet snow and all the trees were coated.  It was beautiful.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time for photos.

Today, snow has been falling quietly and steadily throughout the day, there wasn't even a hint of a breeze in the air.  I had been wanting to get Lily and Katie out for a walk so I thought what better time to go than when it's a winter wonderland.

Katie loves her walks so she ran ahead then waited patiently for us to catch up.  Once we were close, she took off running again.

Lily always has to climb up on the picnic table whenever we go for a stroll.  I didn't expect her to do this in the winter but you know how insistent a 3 year old can be.  So up she went.

The pond hasn't completely frozen over since the thaw. 

This is the mini marsh (the frog pond), behind the main pond.

And here comes Katie.  Running...

and running...

And running...she's having a great time.

Lily tossing some snow in the air.

Making snow angels.

 As we were heading back, Katie decided to take a much needed rest.

I hope you enjoyed your winter walk with us.  It wasn't that cold out today which was nice but I looked like the abominable snow monster by the time we went back into the house.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you come again.  I always love reading your comments.

~ Kelly ~


  1. Oh Kelly...what joy! I just love snow :0) mari

  2. Your pictures are breathtaking! Each one looks like a Christmas card. It is so pretty there. Hard to tell who had more fun, Lily or Katie.

  3. Loved seeing how you all enjoyed a beautiful snow day. Great pictures!

  4. Looks like a beautiful walk and great fun for all. Alyssa looks quite precious with the snow falling around her creating those rosy cheeks. :)
    Katie looks to be b having the time of her life!

    Thanks for sharing your beauty with us ♡

  5. Good Morning, Kelly. I found your blog via Andrea's. Nice to meet you. Your snow pictures are so pretty. I live in north Georgia; we receive some snow each year but nothing like what you have there. I hope you have a blessed Sunday.

  6. Wonderful wintry shots around your place Kelly. We had snow all day yesterday too, but by the end of it there was only a dusting left behind. I'm missing the snow this winter, so it's nice to see your thick white blanket through your blog. Lily looks like she's enjoying the walk just as much as Katie! What a cute pair they make ;)

  7. Both Katie and Lily look like they were having sooooo much fun. So glad to see the snowy pics. Lily reminded me of my walks on my gramma b's farm. Janice

  8. What a very snowy scene, so unlike our English weather!

  9. What a lovely winter day! Katie and Lily sure look they enjoyed it! Your property is like something out of a magazine and that barn is just amazing! Thanks for sharing with us Kelly...Stay warm :)

  10. Wonderful photos . We were green for a long time and now are a little white again but not that deep as the grass is still poking through lol ! We haven't seen the sun in ages I would like to have more sunny days now , Come on spring ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  11. Your beautiful photos could be images on a Christmas card! We also received a light dusting of snow here this weekend...winter isn't quite ready to say good bye yet!

  12. Oh how I love snow days like these! Such fun to walk and play in the snow! I loved all the pictures, and we have been having weather like you. Our January thaw has come, and quite a bit of our snow has melted, but we are to get more snow this week. Glad you got to get out and enjoy the snow!

  13. I did enjoy your beautiful pictures, and Lily is just too cute in her snow suit and I just love the picture of her throwing the snow in the air, these are times she will remember!

  14. Your photos are just beautiful! And, that little Lily is so cute and precious! So thankful you are enjoying the snow. :)

  15. Gosh your wintery photos are beautiful!! It looks incredibly cold!! Hope you stay nice and warm!

  16. Oh, what a beautiful winter wonderland! How I would love to join in the fun {{smiles}}

    I sure wish I could come for a visit and enjoy that snow with you. Love you lots!

  17. It's refreshing to see a young one and her four legged companion playing out in the snow. Sitting on the picnic table makes sense to me, a higher vantage point to see the surroundings. :-) When we left for Florida on Sunday most of our snow was gone but I've heard it's been coming back.

  18. This does look like a winter wonderland! Such beautiful photos! I especially love the one of Lily on the picnic table - so sweet and colorful against the black and white scenery. Katie looks like she is having a wonderful time, too. Our snow left us for a while, but we might get some again soon. Winter is not done with us yet, is it? Hope you are staying warm and cozy. Hugs xo Karen