Monday, July 09, 2018

Far Too Long

Hi friends,

I recently looked at the date of my last post, my how time flies.  I have missed all of you!  I also miss blogging.  Life has gotten a little crazy again the last few months and I don't know when it's going to get back to normal.  So in the mean time, I thought I would do a little post to help me "feel" like things are normal haha.

Recently, my brother Randy and sister-in-law, Debbie, from She Graces Her Home had come for another visit, parking their motor home at my Dad's home.  They try to make it each year in order for Randy and my Dad to compete in the World Crokinole Championships in Tavistock, Ontario, Canada.  Randy usually wins a prize for coming the furthest distance, my Dad wins the oldest player (age 90 this year).  This year they had a special treat by winning first place in the Recreational Doubles - well worth the trip for Randy.

  While they were visiting, Debbie and I always try to get out for a girl's day and this year we were able to squeeze in another one.  During her last visit, we missed a store that I thought she would really enjoy and I definitely wanted to take her back to The Cluttered Cupboard also.  As soon as you step through the door, you can hear the gentle music playing and smell the wonderful scent of a candle burning - how inviting!  Do you think the owner would have a problem if I moved in?  LOL.

If you look closely, you can see Debbie in this next photo.

Prior to arriving at The Cluttered Cupboard, we stopped at a few garage sales along the way.  What fun!  So many times we found ourselves standing or sitting somewhere, just talking away the time.  We were lucky to get to our destination.  Oh how we both love to talk when we're together.  We haven't seen each other for a year so there's always a lot to catch up on.

While there, we picked up our "gourmet" lunch from the Frosty Freeze lol and took it down to the lake.  We sat and enjoyed the view near the old train station.

As usual, our day consisted of purchasing a little something.  I picked up this cute "vintage looking" metal storage bin at The Cluttered Cupboard.

Debbie surprised me with this adorable little creamer.  She knows I love white.  Isn't it sweet?

I also found this cute chicken at a garage sale.  I believe Debbie was looking at it first but she insisted that I get it instead.  She picked up the matching rooster.  It's always nice to purchase something that reminds us of our day together for many years to come.  If you would like to read more about Randy and Debbie's vacation, head over to Debbie's blog for a visit.  She would love to have you.

We call him THE BUNNY WHISPERER.  While picking up Debbie for our little excursion, I visited with my brother and Binx.  Isn't he beautiful?  He is a big boy.  Randy has such a way with bunnies that they often fall asleep in his lap.

Aren't these the most beautiful feet?

At a later visit to our home, Copper (a.k.a. Mr. Bunny) also enjoyed a visit with Randy.  He is also fast asleep.  What a lucky bunny to have spent more time with The Bunny Whisperer.

Thank you for dropping in.  I promise...I will do my best to blog a little more regularly. 

Note - Debbie had knee replacement surgery today and I know so many of you have been praying for her.  I haven't heard anything yet but I'm hoping everything went well.  Thank you for your prayers.  (I thought I would leave this note in...literally less than 5 minutes after typing this, Debbie sent me a text to state she has already been released from the hospital and is doing well.  We are thrilled!)

~ Kelly ~