Monday, May 16, 2016

Antique Medicine Cabinet

Hi Dear Friends,

I thought I would share photos of this medicine cabinet with you.  I purchased it at an outdoor antique sale about 4 years ago.  As soon as I saw it, I liked it.  Over time, with fixing up my last house and life becoming crazy, it was packed away.  When I moved to my current house 2 years ago, it was unpacked and I admired it all over again.  But...being overwhelmed setting up a new house, I decided I would just get rid of it and sell it at a garage sale.  I had paid $8.00 for it.  

At the time I purchased it, I think I was just beginning to become interested in the shabby look in decor.  I already loved old things and primitive country decor but my tastes hadn't developed to where they are now.

Last summer or fall, my tastes began to change a bit more.  While looking at blogs with farmhouse decor, I instantly fell in love with the style and desired that look in my own home.  With living in a farmhouse that is over 100 years old, I thought the farmhouse style would be perfect.  I mentioned to my hubby a few times to not let me sell the medicine cabinet that's packed away in the barn.  I wanted to have another look at it before making a decision. 

Last weekend, I started rummaging through some boxes in the barn as we're hoping to have a yard sale this year (although I don't know if we can pull it together in time).  As I emptied a few boxes, there it was!  I have so much more appreciation for this cabinet now as it definitely works with the farmhouse look that I want to achieve.  Off to the house it went.

The chippy paint is just wonderful!

It appears to be homemade.  The paint is an old, antique kind of white which fits perfectly.

It looks like someone may have started to sand the top of it at one time.

It still needs a good clean up on the inside but I thought I would leave it as is for the photo.  It helps it show it's age more.

I'm looking forward to hanging this cabinet up and taking one more step toward reaching my farmhouse dreams.

Have a wonderful week

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Garage Sale Finds - Part 1 of Annual Sale

Hi Everyone,

So here it is...part 1 of my garage sale finds from the huge sale I went to at the end of April.

This year, we decided to arrive a lot earlier so that we had half a chance of finding some treasures.  Last year many people were already coming out with their purchases before we had even reached the entrance.  That's enough to send a person into a state of panic lol!!  The sale started at 8:00 a.m. so we arrived at 7:18 a.m. this year, we were already about 35th in line.  Oh no!!!  I could already feel my heart starting to race. 

When the doors finally opened, the adrenaline was pumping.  We walked into the arena in a calm and orderly fashion (Canadian style) haha.  My hubby and I decided to hit the furniture section first.  After our luck last year in finding our harvest table seen here.  I was hoping for more luck.  As we walked in I noticed aisle 1 was full, aisle 2 was full so I went for aisle 3, I wasn't going to waste any time.  My hubby later told me that one second he was behind me, the next second I was gone.  He saw me half way down an aisle walking at warp speed with my head scanning back and forth.  I had decided to do a power walk since I knew if I saw something I liked, it would jump out at me.   You had to be quick! 

 Once I reached the end of the aisle, I turned the corner to go to the next aisle (I think my hubby was just starting down the aisle).  I immediately found a small table, took a few more steps and then found a wonderful vintage wicker basket.  Now my hands were full and I was going to have to wait for my hubby to catch up.  Talk about stress!!  I needed to go and go quickly lol!!  The poor guy ended up getting left at the end of the aisle babysitting our finds, waiting for me to continue down another aisle.  I found a curio cabinet while he waited.  Unfortunately, our hands were full and we had to take everything to his truck.  We did this and headed back as soon as we could.

One of the things I was interested in finding was Ironstone.   The picture below shows my Ironstone finds for that day.  I had no idea I was going to be this lucky.  Four of the plates are from part 2 of this post.

The first thing I found was 2 Ironstone platters.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I managed to purchase this one for $6.00.  Based on the stamp, it appears it may have been made between 1890 and 1907.  This is a guess though.  If anyone has any information on this piece, I would love to have your comments.  This platter has a lot of crazing on it.  I don't know what it's value is, probably not a lot, but I love it for it's age and history.

This platter was also purchased for $6.00.

It's the stamp that's blurry, not the photo lol.

I was so excited about my Ironstone platter finds but awhile later I came across 4 Ironstone plates (3 are pictured below).  Now I was really excited.

I have been hoping for quite some time to find one of these vintage baskets, oh how I love this basket.  I think this is my favourite piece of the day.

As I was opening one of the boxes from the garage sale, I briefly walked away.  Upon my return, I found helper.  The box was nearly empty so he sank right into the bottom of it but was laying on the box flap.

I will probably repaint this box and give it a shabby look, I bought it for the wood box itself.  Somebody did some beautiful work on it previously.

I purchased this for $2.00, my plan is to paint it and possibly use it in my sewing room.

This basket reminded me of one my mom had when I was growing up.

I love this vintage rack, I would assume it's for cooling baked treats.

These doilies will come in handy with my crafts.

This appears to be an old grate cover, I'm guessing.  I'm hoping to use it in some kind of a DIY project.  I love the vintage jar.  The rooster didn't work out as planned.  Once I arrived home and could see it in better lighting, I realized the other part of it was a duck.  I'll hang onto the rooster part for now and wait to see if an idea for a body pops into my head.  Maybe place it on a basket?  Any ideas?

The railway spike was purchased for $1.00.

I love this teacup, it is so bright and pretty.  I just couldn't resist.

Everything on this table (not including the flowers and jar) cost a total of $5.00.   There was also a separate wooden box with no lid which is under the basket.  I hope to paint it also.

As we were in the line up waiting for the sale to start, Sparky was walking around with a fireman so they could so some fundraising for the fire department.  I think they thought my hubby was crazy when he asked for a picture.  I made him do it as I was a little embarrassed lol.  Being the good hubby that he is, he obliged.  The fireman jokingly asked if my hubby wanted to be in the picture.  Needless to say, he passed.

This is how it looked before the doors had opened.  The line up went around the building and we had no idea where it ended.  We were so glad we arrived early.  I can't wait for next year!

So this is part 1.  We don't have any pictures of the furniture yet.  Part 2 will hopefully follow in the near future.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope everyone enjoys their week!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Little Sunshine

Hi Dear Friends,

Life has been extremely hectic here lately and I just haven't been up to posting anything.  I finally took the pictures of the goodies I purchased at the large garage sale and hope to have them posted before long, I'm slowly working on it.

I miss visiting everyone's blogs and hope to get back to doing that shortly.  Although I haven't been blogging that long, I miss everyone of you and hope you're doing well.

So in the mean time, I thought I would send a little sunshine your way.  I picked these flowers out of my gardens and placed them in various places around the house.  They brighten everything up and they smell so good!  Enjoy!

Until next time...