Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Is Here

Hi Friends,

Today was a beautiful sunny spring day and I wanted to get outside to enjoy it.  The warm sun felt so good after having snow that just didn't seem to want to go away.  Today it reached 70°F.  I managed to sneak in a few minutes of tidying up a garden.  Lots of work to be done there.

Since it was such a lovely day, I thought Mr. Bunny (Copper) would enjoy getting out for his first run of the season, and boy did he run.  It appears he remembered his outings from last year because this year he didn't hesitate to take off running.  He also enjoyed being able to munch on the grass.  Ours hasn't had much of a chance to grow yet since we had snow not too many days ago -  so don't look too closely lol!!

Isn't he a sweet boy?  He has a very good nature.

He stops to clean often when he's out running around.

Stopping for a rest and enjoying the warm sun.

The cats were also able to get out for a bit on their harnesses.  Unfortunately, we experienced "Blackie's Great Escape".  He has a way of wiggling out of his harness no matter how you fasten it.   After I took him back to the house I decided to take Sneakers for a walk around the pond.  I'm glad I did.  Tons of goldfish were up near the water's edge.  Prior to this we had only seen a couple and with having Great Blue Herons coming for visits, I wondered if there would be any fish left in the pond.  Some of the fish were fairly large and were various colours, some quite beautiful.  I called my hubby over and as we walked around the pond we saw a few leopard frogs, some floating lifelessly in the water until we got close.  They're professionals at appearing to be dead.  We also heard Peeper Frogs from the marshy areas.  It was very enjoyable.

We have a couple of Blue Jays that visit the feeder regularly.  They do like to keep an eye on me when I'm watching them though.  I've been putting some peanuts out for them lately which of course they love, as long as the squirrels don't get to them first.  This one is obviously a bit tense as his crest is back.

The pictures are a little fuzzy as they were taken through the window and someone hasn't done their spring cleaning yet.  I'll have to have a word with my hubby lol!!!

Still keeping an eye on me...

This Black Bird visits a lot.  I'll just say it's the same one as I really have no idea.  It isn't mean the way that it appears in the photo.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Take care and enjoy your week!

~ Kelly ~


  1. Epic bunny cuteness! This post was just the sweet, happy note I needed to wrap a very, very long day up on. Thank you for sharing some of the beauty (and adorableness) of spring in your corner of the world with all of us.

    Many hugs & joyful April wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Lovely photos . Love your bunny soo cute I had a pet rabbit when I was a kid on our farm named Thumper . Our spring and summer birds are slowly returning , the Blue Jays will be leaving soon as will the little Juncos. The weather this past weekend was awesome sunshine and 22C or 71F we were out all day both days cutting our thick green grass , setting up the patio furniture , power washing stuff and puttering in the gardens . My kind of weather looks like spring is here for good . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Great photos Kelly...your bunny is so sweet!
    We had 79 here yesterday and it sure felt good all day.

  4. Your bunny is so cute. It is beginning to warm up here. Today is suppose to be in the 80's, but the weather man says rain Friday. I go back to the doctor today for post-op check up then will visit my sister. Hope to get out some and enjoy this sunny day!
    Love your photo's.

  5. as I write this, a blue jay is making a ruckus in my garden ... :0) they are so enjoyable, and so is this post! What a cute bunny :0) mari

  6. We had a lovely day here yesterday too. Our grass hasn't even thought of sending up a green shoot yet though! Your Copper is so sweet, what beautiful colours.
    The kids and I have been sick, (and still are) but I do believe the sunshine and fresh air helps out a lot, so as soon as the chill is out, we will be out sunning ourselves to help chase these nasty bugs out of our systems.
    Happy Spring to you Kelly!!!

  7. So glad you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather...looks like all the critters were liking it too :)

  8. Oh my! Will your bunny come to you? I'd be afraid he'd run off!
    I used to walk my indoor cat on a leash once in awhile after we married. He was afraid to be outside.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. I heard you all had more snow, glad to hear you are getting some nice spring time temps and enjoying the great outdoors, that is great you have a pond so close and are able to get out and see some creatures enjoying themselves too. Your bunny is way too cute.... and I love the picture of the bird peeking around the feeder at you :)

  10. Evening Kelly, I love your bunny, so cute. Great Bluejay shots too, glad the weather is warming up, here too. Blessings Francine.

  11. Oh, such a sweet post ;-) I love animals passionately. This bunny is so cute, how I envy you, Kelly; -)

  12. Love the beginning of spring at your house. The bunny is so darn cute! ~♥Amy

  13. That is a very nice looking rabbit! Walking cats sounds like quite the experience! Around here when the chess tournament directors direct a tournament full of children they say it's like "herding cats!"

  14. The basket is great! I guess it is worth waiting in that line but being early and getting first dibs is better. I do what you around scanning and grabbing. Then I go back around slower and really look.

  15. Oh my gosh, your bunny is the sweetest!!