Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Scarecrow Invasion

Dear Friends,

I thought I should get this post out before winter is upon us.

About 2-3 weeks ago my daughter, Lily and I stopped to see the annual Scarecrow Invasion in a nearby town.  It really is amazing seeing scarecrows all through the downtown area and extending out of town.  They are literally everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.  As I pass through this town on a regular basis, I'm able to enjoy seeing them for a little while.  They also have a scarecrow parade which I've never been to.  Maybe next year, I know Lily would love it.

In the park.

They had many musicians in the park, one of which was Michael Jackson.

Willie Nelson

The Beatles

On the day I took these photos, I had decided to take Lily to a roadside stand to buy some pumpkins and gourds for decorating and also some fresh picked apples.  I wanted her to experience the joys of Autumn and all it's splendor.  The first place we stopped at I bought some gourds and apples.  The owner was so pleased with Lily's manners that she gave her two small apples, she helped her squeeze one of these apples into her pocket.  I also bought Lily her own personal tiny pumpkin (gourd).  She was absolutely thrilled.  She has actually slept with it a few times lol.

Lily had never seen a scarecrow before, or at least remembered seeing one in her 3 short years.  We tried to get her to stand beside it for a photo but she was scared of it's arms blowing in the breeze.

With some encouragement, we were able to convince her it wasn't going to hurt her.

She was hooked, she now wanted her photo taken with "every" scarecrow. 

Since we were only able to buy baking pumpkins at this roadside stand, we decided to drive onto the next market.  As we went through town, her mom and I decided to take a few photos of the scarecrows (seen above).

Then, onto Grandma Lambe's we went,  We went into their sweet, little store first and Lily was just in awe of everything.  I love watching her enthusiasm and excitement.

After leaving the store, I proceeded to place a purchase in my car.  Lily got very concerned and said, "but I don't want to go in Gammy's car".  LOL.  Normally it's not a problem but she had spotted the pumpkins.

Lily trying to pick up a pumpkin.  That didn't work!

I hope everyone enjoyed a touch of Autumn and a tour of the Scarecrow Invasion.

~ Kelly ~

As I am finishing up this post, my husband came to me with a half eaten apple.  He found it on our bed.  Hmmm...I wonder who put it there??????


  1. Lovely photos what a fun place with all those scarecrows . I have a small one and large one outside on my front porch I put them out there every fall with the odd fall wreath . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  2. A fun trip for you and your family to visit a town of pumpkins and scarecrows. Especially for the little one. She is so cute.

  3. I love the Scarecrow invasion! Lily is so cute, I know you are proud of her.
    I love the one scarecrow on top of the lantern.

  4. Oh how great are all those scarecrows! What fun it must be to visit this beautiful town.. Lilly is so adorable. Loved everything about this post. :)

  5. Such wonderful, fun photos! It sounds like you had a special time with Lily. She is a cutie. Don't you just love how children enjoy the simplest things? I thought that was so sweet that she wanted to sleep with her gourd :) I can understand her being afraid of the scarecrows. I'm so glad that you're enjoying this beautiful, rich season!


  6. What fun!....looks like you made a lot of memories with your precious Lily! Happy Fall :)

  7. What fun!....looks like you made a lot of memories with your precious Lily! Happy Fall :)

  8. Such a wonderful Scarecrow place, I would love to visit too!!! Blessings Francine.

  9. Oh what a darling Lily is! I could see the fear in her eyes when she was trying not to let the scarecrow's "arms" touch her, lol! Such precious memories. What a fun idea for the town to do to celebrate fall! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  10. How cute! The scarecrow musicians made me smile. On the last Saturday in October, a "Scarecrow Festival" is held on town main strip. The local stores create scarecrow displays and the little ones walk around dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

  11. OH how fun...
    Loved all the photos of Lily.. She is adorable.. Don't you just love the fun that the
    grandkids bring to holidays?

    Did you buy a lot of pumpkins??
    Thank you for sharing this fun adventure..

  12. Oh my, that is just too cute that Lillie slept with the tiny pumpkin. She is precious, Aunt Kelly. And wow, I can't believe how much she has grown.

    I love seeing all of the different scar crows. My dad would love The Beatles :) What a fun and unique idea for a town to do.

    Love you!

  13. Ummm...I meant Lily no Lillie. Not sure why I spelled it that way. I think maybe it's time for me to go to bed! hehe :) Have a good weekend, Aunt Kelly!

  14. What a sweet post! So fun to see all the different scarecrows and watch little Lily having such a good time! She's a little doll :) xx Karen

  15. that is just adorable how she carried those lil pumpkins and I bet she loved seeing all the different scarecrows, I love seeing them, and such a special thing to share with her!!

  16. Lily looks like she's a lot of fun, and just adventuresome enough not to be a handful! haha (did I mention I care for littles in my home?!)
    Love the scarecrows, and the town folk did a great job with them. Great idea with the musicians in the park. My son drove up north late at night with a friend a while ago and through a tiny village that also had a scarecrow festival. He said it kind of freaked them out when they suddenly noticed all these scarecrows lining the road and hanging in the trees! A bit different atmosphere late at night on a lonely road ;)

  17. This is fun and your pics are so beautiful! Happy Fall, dear Kelly :)

  18. Hey cool, you must be near me. I go to Meaford when I need a primitive fix (Country Affair Candles). MY son also played there for hockey a time or two over the years. Anyways, always glad to find a Canadian blogger.

  19. There's nothing like seeing scarecrows at Autumn time. These scarecrows are delightful. I really like the picture of your little one with all the orange pumpkins in the background. :) It's precious.


  20. That was fun! Love the scarecrows and the happy children.