Saturday, January 07, 2017

Decorative Heart Pillow Tutorial

Hi Friends,

Today is the day for my first tutorial.  It has been a long time coming.  Since I'm now at the start of my 2nd year of Blogging, I figured it was time.  This is a fairly simple pattern but I loved how they turned out and wanted to share it with you.

Decorative Heart Pillow - Supplies Needed

Needle and thread
Sewing machine
Fabric of your choice
Lacy fabric or doily
Ribbon - 12" (approx. 30 cm)
Strip of Lace
Polyester fiber fill
Glue gun and glue - optional

I started out by cutting a heart out of paper.  I usually use lined paper as it allows for straight lines or folds when required.  You can make any size of heart - it's your creation, create what works for you.  My heart measured 8" (approx. 20 cm) in length and 5 1/2" (approx. 14 cm) across the widest part.         

I pinned this paper heart onto the fabric of my choice, I used a cotton fabric.  Cut 2 of these.

Now repeat this step by pinning the paper heart onto your lace fabric, cut 1.

  I found this piece in the thrift store, wow is it thick and heavy.  I can't recall if it was in the fabric section or the table cloth section, that was erased from my mind before I left the store.  I'm sure some of you can relate lol!  When I was about to start this project I looked at this piece and thought - I can't cut this, it's too pretty.  But then...I saw that someone had already cut one side off.  I was in luck!  No guilt!  I couldn't get to the scissors quick enough.

Isn't it pretty?  I love the scalloped edge, I'll be keeping this part for another project.

This is what the heart will look like once all the pieces have been cut.

With the right side of the lace fabric facing up, take one of the cotton hearts and place it face down on top of it.

Now pin these 3 pieces together.

Stitch around the outside of the heart ensuring you leave an opening of about 1 1/2" (approx. 3.75 cm) or so, I left the opening on the straight side of the heart.  To determine my seam allowance,  I used the edge of the presser foot as seen below.

Now for this next part, I forgot to take a photo to show you.  When you sew around the curve of the heart and you get past the inner point, go straight across for a few stitches then go back up around the next curve.  I hope that makes sense.  This will help prevent bunching once you stuff your heart.

Before turning your heart right side out, you want to clip around the curves, cut straight across at the bottom tip of the heart and at the inner corners at the top center of your heart (at the L shape of the seam).  CUT AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN TO THE SEAM WITHOUT GETTING TOO CLOSE, you don't want to cut the actual seam then have to re-sew it.  Are your confused yet?  I really need some photos.

Turn your heart right side out, make sure you turn it with the right side of the lace facing outward.  Now you're ready to stuff it with polyester fiber fill.  I stuffed mine firmly.  Stitch the hole closed with your needle and thread.

I made one of these lace flowers and placed it on the heart.  This particular embellishment is actually an earring from the thrift store.  Enjoy being creative.

To make this lace flower, cut a strip of lace.  I have no idea how long this strip was.  How am I doing for my first tutorial?  Haha!!  I think it was about 12" (approx. 30 cm) long and 1 1/2" wide (approx. 3.75 cm).  You will know what length of lace you require as you stitch it.

Using a needle and thread, stitch back and forth close to the edge of the lace to create a gather.  Pull it tight every so often, by doing this you will see the flower forming.  Once the flower is looking full, sew the ends together to secure it.  Make sure you use enough lace.  If you don't, it will bunch up and curl inward.  Place an embellishment in the center once completed. 

For this lace flower, I glued a fake pearl in the center (it also could have been stitched on instead).  I folded the strip of ribbon in half and glued it to the back of the flower, then glued the flower onto the pillow (you could also stitch the flower on instead).

These were made for a local craft sale.

Thanks for following along, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

As always, I'm thrilled when you come for a visit.

~ Kelly ~


  1. What a gorgeous little heart pillow! I absolutely love the lace overlay -- so elegant and beautiful!

  2. The hearts are gorgeous Kelly and your instructions were quite clear, even for me who doesn't really sew. When I first looked at the lace, it reminded me of a wedding dress and I'm sure that material could tell a story of its travels.

  3. Your hearts took my breath away, Aunt Kelly! As you know, I have a LOVE for lace so your hearts are right up my alley :) Beautiful work and thanks for showing us how to make our own. I have been sewing up some hearts for the shop and at the moment I have a heart garland that I will finish tomorrow. Ah, 'tis the season for hearts.

    Love and hugs to you!

  4. How very pretty! Very good tutorial, too! I love them all gathered together in the basket - so sweet. The lace is beautiful - what a great find. Can't wait to see what you do with the edging, too. Thank you for your dear condolences, Kelly. I hope that your New Year is starting out full of sweet blessings. Hugs xo Karen

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  10. Thank you for sharing the tutorial for this lovely pillow.. I love it..
    I love your basket with the multiple hearts and cute..
    happy sewing.

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    I hope the new year is a bright one for you.


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    Your lace pillow is gorgeous, Kelly. That lace is WOW WOW! What a find. Had it not been cut into already I would have had a hard time cutting into it.

    Great job on your tutorial~~

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