Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring is Coming

Hi Friends,

For those of you experiencing full blown Spring weather in your neck of the woods...BEWARE...there are some colder pics in this post LOL.

Each day I have the pleasure of driving past Georgian Bay on my way to and from work.  Georgian Bay is a large body of water on the Great Lakes.  It's always such a beautiful sight.  I look forward to seeing how the scenery will change each day depending on the weather conditions.  Four days ago, the sun was bright in the sky and the water (or should I say ice) was blue.  I made a decision to pull over and snap some photos.

 There are a lot of swimmers in this area during the summer months.  It's hard to imagine that at the moment.  Brrrrr!!  The sand is visible though...that's always a good sign.

It's hard to imagine that two months from now the tourists will be arriving for the long weekend.  There is an inviting little campground very close to this area and it will be full.  They definitely won't be swimming on that weekend.

We had a fairly mild winter this year and the water remained open with the waves rolling in.  Once March hit though we had a few extremely cold days, everything changed and the lake quickly froze.  At least on the surface.  After that we had a thaw, it melted and then froze again.  You can still see open water farther out but in this particular area, it's frozen closer to shore.  Just down the road, the waves are rolling right in to the shoreline.  I'm guessing the water is a little deeper in that area.

It looks like gentle, rolling waves froze on the spot.

I decided to take the back roads home from work on this day.  It's hard to tell from this picture but I have driven up high above the water onto the Niagara Escarpment.

Another road on the way home.  There are many large hills throughout this area but they don't seem to show in the photo.  You can see the water off to the upper right of the photo.  In the summer and the fall months, it is an absolutely beautiful drive.

While I was driving my granddaughter, Lily, home last week along a different portion of Georgian Bay, I stopped to show her the gentle waves rolling in.  I opened her window so she could hear them.  As the water was a few feet down from the road, she asked why the waves weren't coming up to us and asked if it was because they were scared of us.  I laughed.  That little girl keeps us laughing, she's always saying something unique as the little ones often do.

The next photos are ones that I took back in mid February and never had an opportunity to post.  I thought the homes were so pretty so decided to share them anyway.  Sorry...I know Spring is on it's way and these contain that four letter word "SNOW".  So bear with me if you can...

This one is a beautiful red board and batten.  It seems to sit on it's own surrounded by bush on a country road.  So pretty!  These photos were taken at dusk so you can't see how beautiful the red truly is.

This is a stop sign just down the road from my home, in mid February I believe.  Can you see it?  You have to look close lol.  The snow wasn't that deep but the drifts on this particular road were.  They kept the road plowed of course but the drifts would fill in quickly.  This reflects how strong the winds can get in this area.  The snow around the stop sign is now completely gone.

This is another home that I love, I do have a weakness for stone houses.  This one is quite old.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour.  All of the snow is gone again but that can change in a day.  We did have a really nice taste of Spring for a bit but Old Man Winter tricked us again.  Now that we're almost into April, things should definitely be looking up.  Although the robin's have been here for a little while, I saw my first one yesterday.  What a wonderful sight.  The birds seem to be telling us Spring is near.  We have been hearing and seeing so many more and they're quite active.

Thank you for stopping by and as always, I just love reading your comments.  Have a wonderful day!

~ Kelly ~


  1. Oh You have seen a robin? I haven't seen a single one :-/ but then, snow is still visiting our mountains also... I just love your photos...thank you for the tour :0) mari

  2. Oh, how pretty! I LOVED the two houses you showed. And, wow, I can't believe the height of that snow drift by the stop sign! We saw a robin here today, too, as we took a walk by the river. God and His creation are everywhere we look. He is so good, even though trials are hard.

  3. Those ocean shots were wonderful. The snow scenes were pretty but we had way to much snow here this year so I am hoping to move on to spring weather.

  4. The snow disclaimer at the beginning of your post cracked me up! Thanks for sharing these cool shots. You're lucky to have such a scenic commute to work. Is there a lot of traffic during rush hour?

  5. That red house is so enchanting nestled there in the snow! Thanks for giving us a tour of the end-of-winter in your neck of the woods Kelly :)

  6. Love the stone house. We have had ice coming down our river for the past week now. Looking forward to Spring coming around here. Love the big blue color of Georgian Bay! Janice

  7. It's nice to see shots of your area when the summer crowds haven't arrived. Love that shot of the country road with the escarpment in the background. I lived in the shadow of the Niagara Escarpment growing up in Dundas ("The Peak") and then in north Burlington ("Mt. Nemo" and "Rattesnake Pt"). I've always felt I'm home seeing the familiar escarpment outlines :) Gosh the bay looks SO cold! Down here the lake didn't freeze all winter either. Enjoy your week Kelly,

  8. Hi Kelly, Wow, it doesn't get that cold here but the bay looks quite spectacular with all that frozen water. And so cold.
    I thought your hoses looked like a school house and a stone church, pretty.


  9. Yes... I am ready for spring [we have really had no winter, just mud/rain..eeech]. But I totally enjoyed these beautiful photos.. It made winter look fun and

    I loved the red house in the snow..[red ...always my favorite]
    The second house was equally beautiful.. I could see this being printed out and making a beautiful picture to hang for Christmas.. Love it.

  10. I love the pictures of the water and the ice, the water is so pretty when so deep blue!! Wow you did have quite the snow didn't you, that is just amazing. The houses look so pretty in the snow, love how the red just pops against the white!

  11. It felt like spring today and I can't wait until the ground dries up enough to start garden cleanup. The stone house is amazing, there a number of them on lakefront properties not far from us and they have stone walls along the road too.
    I'm like you and take different lines and concessions when driving home just to enjoy the scenery.

  12. Oh I loved the pictures of Georgian Bay, it does look soo cold, and you do wonder how a few months can change and people can swim where there was ice all winter, lol! Beautiful, beautiful pictures - how wonderful that you get to drive and look at all this beauty :) We have amazing vistas here as we drive just about anywhere, and it makes the drive much shorter to have pretty views! And you have great taste in homes, I love the pictures you shared, so cozy and inviting! Hugs to you today :)

  13. These are such beautiful photos Kelly! What a lovely drive... I love how the water is frozen and it looks like waves. Oh! I finally found the stop sign. lol That is A LOT of snow. I love it! I woke up to snow here in the AZ mountains. Such strange weather but I will never complain about moisture here. It's always needed! That stone house is gorgeous. There aren't many of those out west. But I do see some when I travel back east. I enjoyed your post so much! I hope you're having a wonderful week so far and getting your nest back the way you want it.


  14. You live in such a lovely area, Kelly! The bare trees against the beautiful blue of the lake are so pretty, like a painting. I love your little granddaughter's cute comment :) Love the little red and stone houses, too. The long road down to the water is amazing. Hope you see more signs of spring soon. Sending hugs xo Karen

  15. I enjoyed this little tour. The seaside photos and the winter photos are wonderful :)
    I think how fortunate you are to drive through such a beautiful road to go to work. Winter photos look like a book of fairy tales - it's magic.
    Have a great weekend ahead, Kelly ;)

  16. What lovely landscape!! You live in a very beautiful area!!