Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Touch of Farmhouse

Hi there!

It has been awhile since my last post and thought I had better get on it.  Hints of spring are in the air,  With warmer temperatures and the earthy scent in the air, it can definitely tease your senses.  We're not through winter yet and more snow may come our way but we're getting closer and that's all that counts.  With the sun shining down, it helped to motivate me to accomplish a project I've been trying to get to for a while.  Painting the upstairs hallway.

I normally do a ton of wall repair prior to painting any room but I did things differently this time.  As the upstairs hallway has plaster walls, it was going to take a lot more work to perfect them.  It just wasn't worth it.  In time, we may cover them up with fake ship lap so I figured it was easier just to get the walls painted so I can enjoy them.  I'm so glad I did.  Also, the areas that needed repairing aren't as visible now.

Here is where it began.  PEACH - lots and lots of PEACH.  Peach is an attractive color but I'm a yellow/tan kind of girl LOL.  This photo closely reflects the true peach color the most.

When we moved into this house, one of the first things I wanted to see gone was the peach paint.  It almost had a glow to it.  Unfortunately, due to the lighting, it was difficult to photograph the true color for this post.

The lacy curtains came with the house.  I don't mind these but I won't be rehanging them.  I will either come up with another solution or not replace them at all.  There is so much more light shining in now.

Looking in the opposite direction.

I just love this old attic door.  It's the closest thing to ship lap lol.  The stucco ceiling...I would like to see it go.  We may eventually cover it up.  We hope to be working on the downstairs next so this will be put on hold for now.

So here is the transformation...

Ahhhh....what a breath of fresh air.  It is so much lighter yet warm and cozy.  Even Blackie thinks so.  I'm just going to leave the decorating as is for now until I have the time to really work on it.

Do you have any ideas on how to decorate this space?  I would love to hear your thoughts.   Farmhouse style of course.

I opened the windows so you can see the neighbors farm field, Blackie was thrilled of course.  He is also waiting for spring.

I completed the painting about a week ago, most of the snow is now gone.


I purchased this little stool last weekend at a local antique store.  I just love the old, chippy paint.


These curtains came with the house and they MUST go.  They especially clashed with the peach walls.  They hide a closet but they've done their duty and it's time to say adios.

The walls in this photo are actually the same color, the lighting just wasn't working for me.

I wasn't able to capture the true color of the curtains but trust me, they don't match my farmhouse decor.

A few years ago, I went to a garage sale at a cottage that had sold and they were clearing out the furnishings.  This was one of the pieces I brought home.  At the time, my hubby thought I was downright crazy.  He thought it should be in the burn pile but I have transformed him and he gets it now.  It had been removed from an old barn or shed and turned into a table.  Eventually it no longer served that purpose either and the cottage owner had placed it aside.  I used this piece for a while as my craft table (the flat side as shown here) but now I've been trying to find another purpose for it.  .  My hubby had this great idea and tried worked.  We're going to use this as the closet door.  I plan on painting it white and replacing the missing boards to get that farmhouse feel.  

I purchased this little wash stand last year for $20.00.  Isn't it cute?  I will probably be removing the back piece as it's just plywood and was added sometime later.  It currently has an oilcloth across the back and onto the top of the stand.  I will probably be removing it also.

The Ironstone pitcher and basin (and another pitcher) were also purchased for $20.00 last year through a local on-line website.

Onto the next project...

Thanks for dropping by to see what I'm up to, I love having you over.

~ Kelly ~


  1. What a difference new paint makes! It looks such a pretty space now. And the cat loves it too! If you felt it needed a pop of colour a pretty hand sewn quilt would look good, either hung on the wall or folded on the chest.

  2. Love your new paint color.. The sun shine coming through the window looks so pretty..
    Love the wash stand and the little stool is so cute.. The space looks really good..

  3. I prefer yellow hues too so I'm loving your new wall colour. The hallway looks fantastic with your country farm decor! I'm also counting down to spring. Warmer weather means garage sale season!

  4. Oh, it is just beautiful! And, I love the picture of your cat peeking out the window!!! Cats are so sweet, aren't they? Just precious! You did an amazing job, and everything looks perfect.

  5. WOW What a transformation! Its so nice to get a project completed. I know been there. Looks great!!! Janice

  6. New paint makes everything look so fresh and pretty. It was a big job to tackle that painting. Good for you!

  7. Oh, I love the transformation! I had to laugh when I saw the peach walls - my daughter bought a vintage cottage and the stairway and bedrooms upstairs were all painted that same color! I helped her paint it all and she used an almost identical paint color as yours. It makes such a difference. Love the space - so bright and pretty and love your vintage pieces. The table/door is a wonderful idea! The photo with your kitty looking out the window is so sweet. Everything looks beautiful. xx Karen

  8. What a unique space and it looks in it's new colour. I love where you are going with it and I know I would have so much fun playing around with decor up there. Oh, and you are so right...we are very close to Spring and that is all that matters...I can't wait to smell the dirt again.
    Have a great week,

  9. You are sprucing things up. Seems the peaches and greens are in this year too. I love the farm house look. Have fun. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Kelly I am so glad you stopped by my blog, I had not had an email to let me know you had posted this, I love peach and I am sure it really brightened the place up, I like how you decorated up there too, So neat that you found a good use for the old door, I love it when we can recycle or repurpose like that. Happy Spring, hope that ice melts soon

  11. You are very talented! Everything looks beautiful. I love seeing Blackie as your assistant! lol

  12. Hi Kelly, I just had to stop by and say hello. I know Debbie, your sister-in-law so wanted to visit your blog. It sounds like you have a beautiful place you are making your very own. Peach is a very pretty color and it certainly looks lovely. I love all the photos you have shared.
    I hope you have a beautiful day and I am very happy I stopped by. HUGS

    1. Hi Anne, so glad you stopped by. It's very nice to meet you. Debbie is wonderful isn't she? Actually, I changed the paint from peach to a creamy yellowish color - LOL!! I think I must have written the post wrong, you're not the first to think this. I still enjoy looking at it every day. I hope you have a wonderful evening.

  13. Oh how wonderful it all looks! I'll bet you've been enjoying it. I look forward to seeing your future posts. This one inspired me. I'd like to do some painting here, but my husband is having thoughts of moving. We shall see after my cancer treatments are completed next month.
    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Thanks for dropping by Laura, sorry for the delay in responding. I hope you do get to enjoy some painting, it always makes me feel so good when the paint makes everything look so clean and fresh. Prayers being sent on your cancer treatments.