Saturday, August 12, 2017

Girls Day Out

Hi Friends,

This summer, my brother and sister-in-law, Debbie from She Graces Her Home in God's Beauty came for a visit.  We were thrilled to see them as always.  These two are a lot of fun to be around and lots of laughs were shared.

Whenever they come for a visit, Debbie and I try to find time for a "girls day out". Before their visit, life had been quite busy for them, we also had been working hard to get ready for the wedding at our barn (my hubby's nephew).  Everybody was exhausted.  Soooo...we were determined to go have some fun.  While we were out, my hubby continued to do outside work getting ready for the wedding.  OOPS!!!!  Sorry honey.  

Debbie and I went to Wiarton (Ontario, Canada) and after stopping at a garage sale and a going out of business antique store in a wonderful old farmhouse, we decided to start with lunch.  We purchased our lunch then decided to eat down by the lake (Georgian Bay).  Ahhhh!  How refreshing, listening to the waves lapping up on the shore.  It was so peaceful.

  And then...there they were...seagulls.  Lots of them.

Usually, they just hang around and watch but not today.  They kept dive bombing the bench we were sitting on.  I believe one seagull took a bite out of Debbie's lunch as she was taking a bite out of it.  She screamed - I couldn't help but laugh.  I don't think she knew that it actually took a bite out of her lunch.  Sorry Debbie, I didn't have the heart to tell you LOL.  Mind you, I'm not 100% sure so lets hope I'm wrong.

See the culprit on the left of the photo, the one in flight?  I think he was the guilty party.

The marina is off to the left.  Sorry for the dark photos, it was cloudy when we were eating our lunch.

After we had an enjoyable lunch, it was time to go shopping.  My hubby had told me about this store and said we must go.  I'm so glad he did.  Debbie and I share a love of country crafts and decor and this was the perfect place to be.  It wasn't until later that I realized this was the store that had originally been right in town that I had visited 4 years ago.   It was adorable then too.

When we first arrived, I couldn't get past the front door.  I just stood there and stared, taking in everything around me.  The displays, the scents and the soft music playing - I was hooked.

The welcoming committee.  Isn't he handsome?  LOL.

Debbie must have thought so.

I guess I did too.

Showing off our wares.

This is what I purchased.

The shelf speaks "farmhouse" to me.  Love it!

I fell in love with the heavy metal hooks on this shelf.

This is hanging on the side of my fridge for now, I hope to find a spot that's more complimentary but the walls still need painting.

The funny thing about this store is this is where the antique store was located, where I  had first fallen in love with antique harvest tables as seen in my Harvest Table Adventure Post.  I had wondered where the exact location of that store had been.  I searched for it a few years ago and never found it.  As I found out, it had gone out of business a while back.

After we left The Cluttered Cupboard, we went over to Lake Huron (just a short drive).  We waded ankle deep into the lake while watching many kiteboarders gliding across the water.  One person in particular kept flying through the air, it was amazing to watch.  Unfortunately, they weren't very close by the time I took the photos.  Just look for the spots.

Their visit to Canada involved their travelling in their new-to-them motor home and what a beauty it is.  It was full of their fur babies so I can only imagine how many stops were made.  Donatella their dog, Toby their cat and their new addition, Binx (a chocolate brown bunny).  What a cutie he is.  You can see more about him on Debbie's blog.

Look at those feet.

On the way back, we drove along the beach for quite a distance.  This was in June before the kids were out of school for the summer so there weren't many people on the beach.  Driving on the beach is permitted in this particular area.

Unfortunately, shortly after their arrival at my Dad's house, he became ill and had to be hospitalized for a few days.  During this time they took it upon themselves to help out, doing yard maintenance, etc. as he hadn't been up to it himself.  My brother, Randy, also restructured his deck and front porch.  This was prior to my Dad's cancer surgery which was mentioned in a previous post.  They are both such hard workers and will do anything for anybody.

An update on my Dad - he has been back home now for a while and is doing okay.  They were able to remove all of the cancer and he gets stronger every day.  It was difficult for the first 1 1/2 to 2 weeks after he came out of the hospital but it's good to see he's now getting back on track.  Thank you to all of you that prayed for him and were concerned for him.  It has meant the world to me to see how many absolutely wonderful people there are out there.

For those of you waiting for the wedding photos, I have part of the post ready but am waiting to see if the newlyweds send some of the professional photos our way.  My understanding is that they will, we're guessing within the next couple of weeks (maybe?).  Stay tuned.

Thanks for dropping in and visiting.  I hope you enjoyed "Girls Day Out".

~ Kelly ~


  1. Wonderful post and photos . I am soo glad to hear your dad is doing well that's awesome. Those pesky seagulls can be a pain in the butt . Nice finds from the shops . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  2. So that's who got married! Your girls' day out adventures cracked me up. Those aggressive seagulls would have made me scream too (I've also screamed when a fly landed me on my arm. Heh). I love the name of the antique store and Binx is too cute!

    I'm glad to hear that your father's surgery was a success and that his recovery is going well. Looking foward to seeing the wedding photos!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful time the two of you had! I can only imagine how much you laughed and enjoyed those special moments! Debbie is a sweetheart...I have been praying for all of you with all you are going through with your Dad and Debbie with her Mom, etc. God is so faithful to be there with us through it all. That looks like my kind of store, too. :) LOVE those prims!!!

  4. So happy to hear your dad is doing better. Praying for him.
    I love/love your new shelf.. I just love the metal hooks.
    Nothing like , "girls days out". Love it.. Proud you two , had a chance to get out. Looks like a beautiful time with beautiful scenery.

  5. Looks like you two had a wonderful day out, love the goodies you found at the store, I love the double heart hooks you found :) Oh I had to laugh about the birds deciding they were going to share your lunch, it is amazing how fast they realize you have food isn't it :)
    So good to hear your Dad is improving everyday!!
    Look forward to the wedding pictures too!
    Have a great week ahead!!

  6. Oh I so enjoyed your post, what a fun day you both had! I am glad t read that your Dad is doing well and getting stronger. Prayers, family and friends are such a help.

  7. Kelly, what a wonderful post you have shared. I'm still laughing about the seagulls, especially the one who MAY HAVE shared my lunch unbeknowns to me. That was very kind of you to keep it to yourself, otherwise I may not have finished that delicious Tim Hortons lunch. :-)
    It certainly was a beautiful and much needed "girls day out"
    I'm enjoying all the new additions to our home, and extra special because we were together when I purchased them.
    I'm so happy your dad is moving forward. God's goodness is unending.
    I'm looking forward to those wedding photos. Your post with a sneak peek was awesome! You guys did a fabulous job.
    Take care~ Debbie

  8. Awww... what a wonderful post! How I would have loved to have joined the fun :) I just love the treasures both you and mom got and I must say that everything she brought home looks perfect in her house :) LOVE the shelf you got.

    And may I just say, you look simply beautiful! It's always nice to see pictures of you.

    I look forward to seeing more pictures of the wedding {{smiles}} Have a great week! Love you lots!

  9. What a fun post . . . I loved every minute of my visit. I kind of enjoy cloudy days at the beach . . . less people and more relaxing :)

  10. Such a sweet post - love the photos of your girl's day and all the wonderful treasures you found. I couldn't stop laughing about the seagull, oh my! I am so glad to hear that your Dad is doing better and how nice of your Aunt and Uncle to help out while he was in the hospital. Can't wait to see the wedding photos, too. Sending hugs xo Karen

  11. What a delightful post this was! I enjoyed hearing about the special day that you and Debbie got to share together! Nothing like the special fun girls have together! So many wonderful moments shared, the antique store, the Tim Horton's lunch by the beach, with the seagulls joining in, lol!, and the wonderful items that you found at the antique store... your husband knows you well! I will look forward to the pictures you share of the wedding, it looked amazing in the pictures you shared earlier. I am thankful to hear your dad is getting better! Praising the Lord for that! Hope you are enjoying the remainder of the summer, it is flying by so fast! Hugs :)

  12. Hi Kelly...
    What a fun post with so many wonderful photos. It looks like your outing was very refreshing and invigorating! The Bay photos are beautiful and my goodness those gulls get bold. The bunny is so adorable. What fun to travel with fur friends... and I can imagine the stops! haha.. The shelf that you found is so unique and looks perfect for you. I was so glad to read the update on your dad and very happy to hear that he's gaining strength. Have a wonderful Sunday.


  13. Hi, I was looking back at some old posts and comments and saw that you'd written to me on this blog post.

    I realized I hadn't visited in forever! I didn't know about your daddy's cancer, but I'm glad they got it all. Father God, I pray that you will take every bit of cancer away from Kelly's daddy and bring full and complete healing that your Name might be glorified and praised. I ask it in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Just wanted to say hello again. Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  14. We used to have a place similar to that here called the Craft Shack. It closed down a few years ago and I miss going there with my sister. We always made a day of it. I love the crow in the rubber boots - so charming. And great finds too!
    I'm so glad your Dad is feeling better. It's so hard on a family when someone is going through illness, especially when they've been strong their whole life. Hugs to you and prayers for your Dad.
    Take care,

  15. Kelly! First let me say I am glad your dad is getting stronger everyday and they were able to get all the cancer. God is good!!!
    I had to laugh about the seagall story ( sorry Debbie) but it really was funny! Loved the items you purchased. I love a good country store. Glad to catch up, like you I have been way to busy getting ready for a craft show, quite frankly I will be glad when it's over and I can see the tops and floors in my craft room!!!

  16. Looks like fun! There was a craft exposition in Clarksville just this past weekend. I think over 2000 people attended!