Friday, March 25, 2016

Did Someone Say Spring?

Did someone say Spring?  I was hoping for tulips and daffodils but instead we had a winter storm that brought lots of ice.  It was a Colorado Low that hit us.  First we received snow, then freezing rain, then ice pellets, then rain, then freezing get the point (and boy did those ice pellets hurt).  The road coming home yesterday was a little bit nasty so it was really nice to be home safe and sound, you really enjoy home on those nasty days.  Thousands of people (100,000+ I last heard) have lost their electricity due to downed wires and tree limbs.  Our power flickered in the night but so far we've been good.  I'm so thankful for that.

As I walked around my property today to take photos, I thought it would have been better to do it on ice skates lol!  We first received the snow and then the freezing rain.  I basically slid along as I went as the surface was solid, it was like a skating rink.

This is a close up of a bush.  I wish I had a really good camera to really capture the ice formation on the branches.

The winds must have been gusting when this poor pine tree was hit with the freezing rain.  All the needles are pointing in one direction.

The piece of culvert at the bottom of the picture was left here by previous owners, it's used for storing the boat that was left in the pond when we purchased the property.  OOPS!!!  The boat is still in the pond.  I love rusty metal things so it works for me.  I'm surprised we haven't had a wild animal residing in there as it would make a good shelter.

This is a mini marsh near the back of our property.  I call it The Frog Pond.  Although we have the bull frogs in the large pond, this is where the Peepers hang out in the Spring.  I'm looking forward to hearing them.

With all the snow and ice we received, I was surprised to see some melting snow.  This marshy area drains into the large pond in the Spring.  Eventually, there will be a division between the ponds, just more grass to cut lol!!

The main pond.  The ice and snow had finally melted but it looks like we have a fine layer of ice back on it.  Temperatures are supposed to start warming up again tomorrow so it shouldn't last long.

I'm hoping this tree limb is only touching the water due to the weight of the ice.  Otherwise, I'm sending my hubby in because I have no idea how we'll get to it.  (Pssst...he doesn't know this yet).

We did have 3 Common Merganser Ducks in the pond this week.

The formation of ice on the pond is interesting, I'm assuming the wind created the design.

Another fence post - oh how I love them!

The ice on our cedar bush.

I love how each blade of grass is also covered in ice.

Even the bird feeder is completely covered with ice.  The sun finally came out and you can see a few little spots of the ice glistening.

This is the side of the house, I thought these mini icicles were cute.

As I was writing this post, we could hear the ice sliding off of our metal roof.  My hubby was outside and he said as the ice hit the ground, it sounded like glass shattering.

Thank you to everyone for dropping by.  I hope each and everyone of you has a blessed Easter.


  1. Afternoon, we woke up to snow too, not very nice. Your pictures are very pretty I spite of all the white stuff.Happy Easter,Francine.

  2. Wow! That's all I can say. We don't get snow like that or icy blasts, where I live. Very pretty pictures though.


  3. Your photos were pretty of all the ice on the trees...but I know it can be scary when we get ice storms. Hopefully, Spring will come soon for you.

  4. Beautiful scenery in your photo's, but oh looks sooooo COLD!
    Hope it all melts soon and you have warm Spring weather.

  5. Wow! You sure got a doozy of a storm! It would be a tragic mess here too if we got such weather here with all the tree limbs weakened through the winter. I am so glad that you still have your power! Having a generator is a necessity in these parts, as you just never know when the winds will wreck havoc! I really enjoyed your pictures of the ice formations, and the beautiful pond on your property! Spring sure took a back seat for sure... the ice is beautiful, but truly dangerous for sure. Ice and snow falling off the house is always kind of a scary sound, it always makes me jump, lol! Hoping that the warmer weather will melt the ice and that your trees will survive without damage! Happy Easter to you my friend!

  6. I had the song, "Ice ice baby" running in my head while I was viewing your cool images! Happy Easter, Kelly!

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  8. Sorry about that comments went wonky on me lol !
    YIKES ! everyone north of us got this storm in the form of winter snow and or ice we just got lots of rain . Pretty photos , We are green sunny and warm down here . Hope this is the last blast of old man winter for you ! Thanks for sharing , Have a Happy Easter weekend !

  9. Your pictures are gorgeous! I am sorry that winter visited you again this week. I hope things warm up for you!

  10. Wow, just looking at your photos made me cold! I will say that your photos are stunning and the ice really does make for lovely photos :)

    I hope you see the sunshine soon and feel its wonderful warmth. Have a wonderful Easter! Love and hugs!

  11. I am in NY and I heard about your storm! I think you will be hearing about one in the northeast soon....they are calling for snow at the beginning of April here :-( The ice is so pretty and your pond is a magical winter wonderland....nice if it was supposed to be winter!

  12. Amazing Kelly! Colorado cold front got ya! :) Got us too. HA!
    You would think that we should be celebrating Christmas rather than Easter right now.
    We had Dawns three boys here for the week last week and they had a wonderful time playing in all the new and deep snow. They are all boys! :)
    I love to look of ice on trees, and you certainly captured some beauties. That one pine tree that froze in the wind doesn't look real Randy said. He enjoyed your photos by the way.

    I trust you had a blessed Easter in all it's glory?

    Love to you~~Debbie

  13. Your photos are amazing! The first two really show the amount of ice the poor trees and bushes are carrying. You just can't trust Winter to be finished with us in March. We had an ice storm on Thursday too, and thousands of people were without power. Our lights dimmed and flickered, but all good here (thankfully). Easter Sunday turned lovely and sunny, and I had the back door open to hear the birds. Fickle weather!

  14. That is a lot of ice!! I have never seen a pine that was frozen in the direction of the wind. You captured so much of the beauty of Winter. Spring is next :)

  15. Beautiful photos of your ice and snow --- just not quite the right season for that though!! Happy to have warm sunshine, birds singing, and spring flowers blooming where I live!

  16. Although your snowy pictures are pretty, looking forward to warmer temps and Spring to arrive. Janice

  17. Sorry for my belated reply, Kelly! I haven't checked my blog during my holiday....I adore your snowy photos. Hope you had a fabulous Easter ; -)