Tuesday, September 27, 2016

In The Garden

Hi Friends,

I'm currently working on my vacation post but since I'm going to be a little while longer, I thought I would show you some of the flowers from around my property.  I've been having difficulties with the online photo editor recently and have struggled to crop and place my blog name on my photos.  I had to switch to another editor which is currently working, this allowed me finish this post.  The photos were only partially uploading, has anyone else had this problem?

Here are my flowers...

These False Sunflowers are growing beside the barn.  I love the bright yellow flowers against the old barn board

The False Sunflowers on the front porch in an Ironstone pitcher.  This pitcher really comes in handy.

Okay, so this little guy isn't a flower but he's cute!  Well actually, he isn't that small.  He keeps showing up at our house and hanging out by the entrance.

I have no idea if these crab apples can be made into jelly since I don't know what type of crab apple tree it is.  I'm curious though.

This photo of the Columbine was actually taken in the springtime against the side of the barn.

A Black Eyed Susan at the front of my porch.

I have a few of these Malvas in bloom right now and they're gorgeous.

When I moved to my first home I loved the gardens that were already there but unfortunately decided to tear them out since I thought they'd be too much work.  The following year I found a Sedum at the side of the house.  It had been torn out of the garden before the winter and in the spring it was just laying in the grass on it's side with some soil around it's roots.  It was thriving.  From that point on, when I decided to rebuild the garden, I definitely bought more Sedums.  You can't kill them and I like that!!  When I put my house up for sale, I wanted to bring some Sedums to wherever the new house was going to be.  My hubby doesn't like them and wanted them left behind.  Well....the house we ended up buying was full of them,   My estimation would be at least 150 plants.  Ha ha!!  My poor hubby.

This Black Eyed Susan is in bloom right now.  My other one died off a while back but this one was late starting.

This Gladiolus was growing on it's own.  There was only one flower on the plant so I stole it for a display.  That didn't work.  It was quite tall so I had to cut it down quite a bit.  I cut some of the seed heads off an ornamental grass trying to add some balance to the height of the Gladiolus.  A designer I AM NOT but I had fun.  I placed it in the wonderful Ironstone that my hubby bought for me last Christmas.

I think this is a wild Aster (also known as a weed?), Phlox and and Valerian.  There's that little Ironstone pitcher again.  See?  It does come in handy.

My Variegated Maple.  I love this tree.

One of our backyard fires, I hope we have at least one more before it's too cold.  I know, it isn't a flower either but it looks cozy for a cool evening that we're experiencing right now.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit.

~ Kelly ~


  1. Your pictures are fabulous. Especially enjoy seeing your flowers. Happy autumn!

  2. What a wonderful garden filled with so much beauty. Love your ironstone too, they work well for your displays. Happy that you put names to all the flowers and trees as well. We have been driving past a tree that is full of red like berries. From your photo I can now say that it is a Crab Apple Tree.

  3. Your flowers are so bee-u-ti-ful. I love any kind of sunflower and your false ones are nice too! I so love frogs and toads in my garden because they eat mosquitoes...along with bats. On the farm my gramma would leave the crab apples for the deer...so not sure if they are good or not. Janice

  4. Beautiful...absolutely beautiful garden you have :0) thank you for sharing it... mari

  5. Beautiful... ENjoyed the tour..I sure dread to see winter come and all our pretty flowers
    will be gone..eeeh.
    Have a great week.

  6. My, what beautiful flowers! How I would love to stroll around your yard as there is much to admire and appreciate :) Your crab apple tree is simply lovely though like you I'm not sure what kind it is. We have two kinds of crab apple trees in our yard and I've made jelly from one of them. Oh, was it ever good!

    Have a lovely week! Hugs to you!

  7. Loved seeing all your pretty flowers, Kelly! The false sunflowers by the barn are so beautiful! Your ironstone pitcher is perfect for all your wonderful bouquets, too. I love sedums - they are so carefree :) That maple tree is amazing. Cute little froggy! Wishing you a lovely week in this beautiful season. Hugs xo Karen

  8. Hi Kelly! I think you may have the same crabapple as I do, a Prairie Fire... as its fruit look very similar to mine. I believe that it is an ornamental crab abple. This is the first year for my tree, and it is doing really well. I love all your pictures! Your ironstone pitcher is a beauty! All of the flowers you showcased are just gorgeous! Isn't it lovely to have such an array of flowers around your home! I hope you are enjoying a lovely vacation, and I'm sorry to hear about the blog troubles, always so frustrating! Hugs to you today :)

  9. I love sedums too...how could anyone not?! What a pretty gladiolus that is, nice gentle colours. Lovely flowers in your garden.

  10. Beautiful and love bonfires this time of year!!!! Happy Fall!!!!

  11. Your flowers are beautiful Kelly! I love the barnboards as a backdrop for the sunflowers. I still have a few flowers left in my gardens, but their slowly browning up now and that'll be it till springtime! That fire looks very inviting :)

  12. Lovely photos . Most of our flowers are done now all there is left are dead heads for the birds to nibble on . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  13. I just tryed to get to your post from today Wednesday The Old Barn -Sneak Peak Inside as it says on the new post blog list but blogger is not showing it says it does not exist on your blog , Just thought I would let you know , I have done everything from this end and all others are ok . Have a good weekend !

  14. Love the shots of the flowers against the barn boards.

  15. Oh my just Beautiful pictures of your flowers, I especially love the ones with the barn in the background there is just something about weathered wood with flowers, a beautiful pairing! That is too funny your new place has all the flowers your hubby was hoping to leave behind, that is the kind of plant I need :) You captured some good up close pics of the frog. That fire looks great, I do love sitting around a fire, it is finally getting cold enough here to have one.