Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hooked on Nature

Hey there,

Last weekend my hubby and I entered the salmon fishing derby in our local area.  We were on the water by 6:15 a.m. and were able to enjoy some beautiful scenery, between the fog on the water and the sun beginning to rise.  It was worth getting up for...and I don't do mornings very well lol!!

The place where we launched our boat is fairly close to home.  This town is actually the final resting place of the famous artist Tom Thomson of the The Group of Seven.  I learned about The Group of Seven when I was approximately 8 years old when I visited a museum on a school trip.  Although I don't remember much of the history, I always remembered seeing the paintings as they were unique.

This was the view I saw as soon as we arrived at the water.  I love the gradual change in colours between the water and the sky.

This is the mouth of the river where we launched the boat, there is also a small beach in this location.  It was so peaceful, there was nobody else around.  They were smart...they were probably still sleeping lol!!

We're looking out from the river into Georgian Bay (which is part of The Great Lakes),

This is on the other side of the beach.  I believe this was part of an old dock.

The mouth of the river as we're heading into the lake.

The birds were sitting on some rocks that had originally been part of a dock.  My understanding is that the original harbour was going to be built at this location.  It ended up being built in Owen Sound which is very close by.

The Canadian Geese taking flight.

A purple fog came across the water and briefly surrounded us.

The fog has now lifted.

Some rocks just below the surface of the water as we headed back to shore.

A few hours later we headed back into the river.  The fishing was terrible, not one single bite.  The scenery and the boat ride were well worth it though, we're glad we went.  We need to go more often as it's so close to home.  My granddaughter Lily hasn't had a chance to go out for her first boat ride yet but she's really looking forward to it.  We hope to take her soon.  Her life jacket is ready and waiting.

It amazes me how trees can grow in crevices of rocks.  The water is in the foreground.

Some ducks just across the river, they were swimming in and out of the grasses.

Looking up the river after we took the boat out of the water.  This was taken from where we launched.

Day 2

The next morning we headed out again.  There was very little fog this time.  Although we arrived around the same time, the sunrise just wasn't the same.  You can see some mist by the shoreline.

Heading towards the Owen Sound harbour.

The grain elevators in the Owen Sound harbour.  We fished right at the base of it with no luck.

Last year we witnessed this little guy out in the water, they were performing some training exercises.

I am now on vacation starting today and my hubby and I are off for a mini adventure.  I'm hoping to take many photos so I can share our adventure with you.

Thanks for dropping by, so glad to see you!!



  1. Beautiful photos , Hey even though you didn't get any fish it was still well worth it to be out in all that beauty and nature . We have an art gallery near us in the town of Sparta who has some of the Group of seven work . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  2. It's so nice to see you again Kelly :) What a beautiful way to wake up in the morning (as I'm sure you were half asleep until you got into the boat, right?). Gorgeous views of the sunrise over the mist. I love misty mornings on the water. Sorry the fishing was unsuccessful. I recently did a post on Tom Thomson too. My son took us for a tour of Canoe Lake in August. I live close to the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinburg where they house quite a few works of the Group of Seven. I'm looking forward to hearing about your next adventure!!

  3. Wow Kelly, what stunning photos! I've loved "The Group Of Seven" for some 20 years now. I would pick a favourite, but that changes with my mood. My daughter loves them too, and even chose to a report on them last year.
    Again, lovely photos. Have a nice Sunday.

  4. What gorgeous images! That was definitely worth the early wake-up (I'm not a morning person either). Enjoy your vacation!

  5. It is so nice to hear from you again, Kelly. This is a fabulous boat ride - I'm sure Lily will enjoy to join you two, next time.
    That said, the photos are breathtaking - you really captured very well the gradual change in colours between the water and the sky. This image inspired me tranquility - A wonderful feeling of wellbeing. ☺

  6. You were given a beautiful reward for getting up so early in the morning, there is nothing so pretty as fog lifting up out of the water and to catch all those birds on that strip that is so cool.
    Hope you two enjoy a wonderful vacation together, we just got back from ours and I am sharing a few pics on my blog over the next week :)

  7. Wow! Absolutely stunning pictures Kelly! I just love when the fog rises above the water, and the pictures you captured were simply lovely! It was a bit disappointing I'm sure to not get any bites, but at least you did get to enjoy such a lovely time out on the water! Hugs to you today my friend :)

  8. Beautiful photos....glad you had a great time even though you didn't catch anything.
    Have a great week!!!

  9. Sounds and looks like you and your hubby had such a beautiful experience ♥

  10. I love your pictures. I can feel the boat on the water and smell it all just from looking at your pictures. How lovely for you guys to have all that so close to home. Take care Kelly.