Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Tea Cup Exchange

Hi Friends,

I recently had another opportunity to take part in a tea cup exchange put on by Stephanie @ The Enchanting Rose  This is my third tea cup exchange and I have enjoyed everyone of them.  Stephanie works very hard matching people up and the tea cup exchange continues to grow with people taking part all over the world.  It's always exciting to open up the box of goodies and see all the wonderful surprises that your new tea cup buddy has sent to you and it's just as much fun to purchase items for the person you are sending to.

I received the following gifts from my new tea cup buddy, Lynda Ruth Bowers, in New Brunswick, Canada.  It looks like she put a lot of thought into all the wonderful gifts she sent to me.

Oh how I love Lupins.  We  have just a few of them in the garden and I have been wanting to plant more.  They are such a beautiful flower.

This is a pill case and it's absolutely perfect.  It's always handy to have one of these around.

    Lynda Ruth placed some pretty sea glass in the pill bottle, what a nice little extra detail.  It's also my colour.

I looked up the translation of the tea pot and google shows "the beauty of the beautiful".  For those of you that speak this translation correct?  Or does it mean something a little different?  It's such a cute little single serving tea pot and tea cup.  I love the colours.

I was playing with my Ironstone in this photo, lol!!  I think it looks great together.

I also received some wonderful herbal teas.

My other new tea cup buddy is Andrea Ostapovitch @ My Everything Corner.  Andrea and I have been visiting each other's blogs for a while now, I always enjoy reading her posts.  I also love Frank.  If you want to know who Frank is, you'll have to drop in on her blog and discover for yourself lol.  He's a cutie!

Unfortunately, I didn't get the photos that I needed regarding what I sent to her, she does have everything posted on her blog though.  I did happen to take a picture of the pumpkin I made for her since she loves pumpkins.

I'm linking up this post at The Enchanting Rose so make a pot of tea and go have a look and see all the wonderful things that everyone received.

Thanks for stopping by.

~ Kelly ~


  1. A very lovely package! It's been a fun exchange! Blessings, Cindy xo

  2. What a great package! It's always fun to receive items that are unique to a place. I tried using a different translator (Babelfish) and got "beautiful beauty tea". Heh.

    1. Translation attempt #2 (based on my limited grade 10 French): "Beautiful Tea of the Beautiful".

  3. Your package is lovely, Kelly. You will enjoy having that small tea pot for when you want tea all to yourself.

    Your pumpkin in darling~~

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  5. Such delight to be a part of this tea exchange! I really enjoyed seeing what you received from the lovely Lynda of NB! I do so love lupins too, and how wonderful that you can plant some to have of your own! Your teacup is so beautiful too, and looks great with your ironstone! I should remember my French after all my years learning it but sadly, I can't help you. I think Margie's translation above "Beautiful Tea of the Beautiful" is the best one :) Hugs to you today dear Kelly!

  6. Lynda Ruth put together a nice parcel for you and a tea for one set always comes in handy. I can attest to lupin seeds from NB growing in an Ontario garden - two years ago I asked a blogging friend to collect some and mail them to me. Finally, a couple of lupines (which I love) germinated and self seeded to produce a couple more this year. I helped things along by collecting from my plants in late summer and pushing seeds into the ground. They grow hardy stock in our eastern provinces. :-)
    Here's my two cents worth on the French le beau - masculine, la belle - feminine lol

  7. This is such a CUTE teapot and teacup set!! I seriously love the shape of that teapot. I see teapots all the time in the thrift stores, but so many of them are not flattering at all. Spouts that are too heavy for the shape, or the shape is just all wrong. This one is a darling, and it looks very retro with the colouring. Lucky girl! I love that Lynda Ruth put seaglass(?) into the pill box for you. Maybe she collected it on the beach! Enjoy your teas Kelly! I was chosen to send a mug to Andrea ;)

  8. So fun! I have done all of Stephanie's exchanges and I think the ladies love them more and more! SO fun and such a blessing to make new friends along the way. I love it. Your partner was very kind and sent thoughtful gifts. I enjoy your blog too.

  9. I always love seeing what everyone gets and gives... So much fun!!


  10. Nice to meet you, Kelly! What treasures you received! This was my first exchange and I loved it!

  11. Good evening, Aunt Kelly! I so enjoyed seeing your sweet goodies from Lynda Ruth. The tea pot and matching tea cup is quite cute and perfect for when you want a pot of tea :) The extra gifts she included were lovely and the pill case is very neat. Love how she added sea glass.

    As I don't speak French I will go along with what you said about the words on the tea pot {{smiles}}

    Thanks for participating in another exchange. Love you!

  12. I love your teacup and teapot! The colors are so nice, what a perfectly cute set. <3

  13. Morning Kelly, what a wonderful exchange, so many goodies you received. I love Lupins but have a hard time with them here. Happy November,Francine.

  14. I love my pumpkin!!! I also didn't think to take photos of what I sent to my tea cup buddies. Not too sure what I was thinking, especially since neither of them have a blog. Oh well, next time I will remember. Hopefully.

    We visited Nova Scotia this past summer, so I recognized "Peggy's Cove" right away. I do know a little French. "Thé" is tea. Beau and Belle both mean beautiful, but I'm pretty sure that because "Belle" is capitalized, it is referring to a beautiful woman. "Beau" was not capitalized, and is referring to beautiful tea. So I think the translation is closer to a saying we probably don't have in English, "Beautiful tea of the beautiful woman."
    Have a great day!

  15. You received a wonderful package. Such a unique teacup and pot. I love these exchanges! :)

  16. Great package from the exchange. I bet those Lupines will be so pretty next summer. - Charming Tea Pot & Cup.

  17. Great package and I can't wait to see how well the flowers do when you plant them :)
    I bet your exchange person loved your rustic/country pumpkin!

  18. Wonderful Nova Scotia themed box! Lovely tea for one set and you also have the bonus of a French mystery ;).

  19. What a lovely gathering that Stephanie creates! Fun fellowship and sweet gifts. It's fun to see what everyone receives and you make new friends, too. Your set is so pretty, the sea glass so charming and I really like the pumpkin that you made! Have a wonderful fall weekend :)


  20. Wonderful package! Love your tea for one. Enjoy and have a tea filled day!

  21. I love that she has gifted you with sweet things of Nova Scotia! That is where my grandfather's family lives who emigrated from Ireland. Love the bits of brown sea-glass and the sweet tea-set. Lupines are such a beautiful flower. Lovely gifts :) xx Karen

  22. Oh I love Nova Scotia and have been to New Brunswick three times. I adore she cared to send you treasures from her own area. That makes is so personalized. I like the brown (autumn colored) sea glass she sent - bet she found it on the beaches for you there!

    As for the translation on the cute teapot: "the Lovely Tea of the Beautiful" - ?

    THE with that little accent over the "e" is the world TEA in French, thought it looks like our "the."