Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas


Recently, my hubby and I decided to take our granddaughter, Lily, out to cut down a Christmas tree, we thought it would be an amazing experience for her.  Although I grew up with real trees for Christmas and have always loved them, sometime through the years I converted to a fake tree.  It was just easier I guess and they hold the heaviest of decorations.  Every few years I would buy a real one but would convert back to the fake one again.  When my hubby and I moved to the country, we were determined to have a real tree. it took the third Christmas here to do it but we finally did.  I didn't realize until that day that although my hubby grew up with real trees, they were always purchased at a store.  He had never actually cut one down.  He thoroughly enjoyed the experience as did Lily.

The day was absolutely perfect.  The snow was falling all around us but it wasn't too cold.  We were way back on the farm with the forest surrounding us.  It was beautiful!!!  The only thing missing was a thermos of hot cocoa.  Lily had an absolutely amazing time.

Lily waiting anxiously for Poppa to pull her on the toboggan to see the Christmas trees.  She was sooo excited.

The determination of a 3 year old.  She was only able to pull the tree a few inches on her own before she asked Poppa for help.  Look at her form!  That girl knows how to get it done lol.

The tree waiting to be decorated...what do you see?

My Christmas Village.

Life has been busy and hectic again.  Not only have I not had the concentration to blog, I haven't had the concentration to visit all of your wonderful blogs either.  I was so looking forward to seeing what everyone was posting for the Christmas season and keeping up with your lives.  In the mean time, I think I need to catch up with mine lol!

One of the busy times recently was on November 17 when my daughter welcomed her second child, Morgan (a boy) into the world.  Lily is now a big sister and absolutely loves the role.  They are still living with us and it can be quite difficult some days as we're tripping over each other.  The original plan was for them to move out sooner but that has been delayed.  Needless to say, our home renovating has been placed on hold for the last 7 months and will have to wait a bit longer.  I can still dream though.

During this time period we also lost our water supply due to a hole in the line coming from the well, eventually the water stopped running to the house altogether.  We had many days of lugging water from the store just so we could continue to live in our house.  I have to was NOT FUN!  Our plan was to put a new line in but after digging up the yard, the line to the house wasn't located.  There goes my lawn and garden.  Our neighbour was absolutely wonderful in using his backhoe and only charging us for gas as it could have cost hundreds of dollars otherwise.  We have quite the mess to clean up in the Spring.  In the end, the line could only be repaired.  I hope we don't have any other issues with it.

Our pretty boy with the Christmas candle.

I want to wish EVERYONE a Very, Merry Christmas.  May God bless you and yours through this holiday season.  Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.


  1. So happy to see a post from you. Loved how you went and cut down your very own Christmas Tree with Lily. That will be an experience for her to always remember. Welcome new baby Morgan! Hoping you won't have anymore water problems. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
    Loved seeing the kitty peeking through the tree!

  2. What a lovely post. I enjoyed seeing the little ones, Lily being a big sister as well as cutting down her first Christmas tree. Magic :)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  3. What a wonderful memory you made with Lily. I remember cutting down my first Christmas tree with my parents...and then my own children. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family. Janice

  4. Aww Kelly, what a beautiful heart warming post. I so enjoyed seeing dear Lilly helping drag that gorgeous Christmas tree. Too cute!
    She will remember that outing for the rest of her life. I remember the days we would go with the girls, cut our Christmas tree down and have the most wonderful day of sledding and laughter. Memories, making sweet memories, that's life.

    Pretty boy looks wonderful sitting by the candle in the window. Nice winter view to look at.

    You have certainly had your share of "stuff" going on. Hopefully your water supply holds strong through the winter.

    Have a Merry Christmas and love to you all from Randy and I~~

  5. Oh, how sweet! I loved seeing all the pictures! That little Lily is just a doll...and the new baby, too. It is so wonderful that you can have them near you during this beautiful Christmas season, and one day you will all look back on these days with precious memories. So happy to catch up with you today and to read this heartwarming post! Sending you much love and many wishes for a very Merry Christmas!!

  6. Thank You for sharing your family time with your adorable Lily. Welcome to the world Morgan.
    Joan and family

  7. Hi Joan, thank you so much for dropping in. Merry Christmas to you also!!!

  8. Hi Kelly..
    I've been thinking of you and wanting to come and say hello.. I'm sorry about you water. Oh my...your lawn and garden. Hopefully it'll grow in quickly.

    Your photos are just beautiful. I loved watching the process of getting your real tree. What a wonderful experience for you all with unforgettable memories made! Precious and priceless..
    Your pretty boy is pretty indeed! What a wonderful post full of holiday charm and warmth. Blessings to you and your lovely family and warmest of wishes for a Merry Christmas!


  9. Christmas tree hunting is so fun.. I have went to artificial tree too.. But remember the excitement of cutting the trees down and hauling them home.. How fun.
    Congrats on your new granddaughter. Prayers for mom and baby.
    So sorry about your water problems.. Hope all is fixed now.

  10. Congratulations on your new granddaughter! We've always had a fake tree so I always enjoy seeing other people's real trees. Did you go to a tree farm or did the tree come from your own property? I'm sorry about your water supply woes and hope everything's all good now!

  11. How exciting for Lily to have a new brother, he'll be like a life size dolly for her. ;-) Watching your tree excursion reminds me of when we used to take our girls out to get a real tree and I'd be frozen by the time we made it back to pay. I switched to a faux tree so I could put it up earlier.
    Winter is the worst time for frozen/broken water lines, hopefully you'll be all right now.
    Best wishes for 2017 Kelly.

  12. Congratulations to you all on the birth of Morgan, I hope it has been a good Christmas for you all!

  13. Oh Kelley...what joy another grandbaby! My oldest was born on that same day, so they share a birthday :D Dear Lady...sorry for the inconvenience with the water line, but Our Lord is in complete control and what a blessing that your neighbor has been able to help! May this New Year that is fast approaching, be filled with joy and peace :-) much love to you...mari

  14. Congratulations on baby Morgan's arrival! I can imagine the full house being a bit of a trial, but hang in there. One day you may miss all that commotion ;) My parents went through big difficulties with their well in the last few years of them living in the country. The pump was lost at the bottom of the well when it got stuck in place when it was being brought up for repairs, so an entire new well had to be drilled. The new well brought up water so heavy in minerals they couldn't drink it. Water had to be carted to them every week when I visited them. It was a huge disappointmnet since the original well had delicious water. I'm glad your line was fixed, and hopefully the clean up won't seem so bad come springtime.

  15. Kelly what a magical memory to have. I've always wanted to have a real tree but my allergies are terrible. We have cedars around our farm and we get to enjoy them but I don't touch them.

    Happy New Year. Your sweet grand girl is too cute for words.

  16. Lily is adorable! That picture of her and Poppa looks like a Norman Rockwell scene. Congratulations on the birth of your newest grand baby! We will keep y'all in prayer for no more problems with the water. Happy New Year Kelly :)