Sunday, April 09, 2017

Randomness - Is That A Word?

Hi Friends, 

Just over a week ago, I looked outside and saw another amazing sunrise.  The original color I saw was of a deep red similar to this one.  Last year I used my camera to take the photo but this year I had my cell phone.  I wasn't able to capture the deep red that I saw so I gave up and went back into the house to continue getting ready for work.  A short time later I looked out the window and saw this.  I grabbed my cell phone and raced out a different door hoping I could actually capture the color this time.  It was now orange instead of red.  I partially zoomed in on the sunrise, this time the color was much closer to what I was actually seeing.  It was even brighter in person.  Isn't it beautiful?

You can see the reflection of the sunrise in the windows of the barn.  If you look closely you can also see the silhouette of the trees which aren't even close to the barn.

You can see the gradual change of colors in this photo.

This was my attempt to capture the red sky.  This was a faded out version of it, I wish you could have seen what it actually looked like.  If you look closely though, you can see the multiple shades of red/pink in the sky.

Another faded out version but I thought it was still pretty with the sun glowing through the trees.

We have had a few different ducks in the pond in the last couple of weeks.  This is a Common Merganser.  We have also had Hooded Mergansers,  Red-Breasted MergansersMallards and Canadian Geese.  They have all come in pairs.  When I was looking through the binoculars the other day, I only saw the male Merganser which was unusual.  While I was looking, I suddenly saw a ton of goldfish suddenly go flying up out of the water.  I'm assuming the female was under the water at this point as they are diving ducks.  The poor fish though...I wish I could protect everyone, including the fish lol.  I guess that one is out of my hands.

I did my best to crop the photo, unfortunately I wasn't able to zoom in any more without the photo becoming too blurry.  This duck has flown right over us a couple of times so we were able to get a much closer look.

While looking through the binoculars at this duck, a large red fox came trotting down beside the pond.  It was beautiful.  Although we can see the ducks, fox, etc. with the naked eye, we always use the binoculars for a nice, close look.

Recently I looked out and saw that my birdhouse had been chewed.  I wasn't very happy about that as I love this house.  Obviously a rodent of some type was trying to get through the holes.  There are a total of 5 holes for the birds and every single one has been chewed.  I lean towards it being the red squirrel we've seen hanging around.

   When we were sitting out on the deck one day I noticed something strange in the wooden box that holds the clothes pegs, I thought it may have been an old wasp nest.  Nope.  On a closer look, I realized it was a nest.  I have a feeling it's the same culprit that chewed up my birdhouse lol.    Maybe it has become a permanent home - I hope not.  I guess I won't be using my clothes pegs for a little while.  I had to laugh though, what a great place to build a nest.  I keep meaning to aim the game camera at the hole so I can see exactly what is coming and going.

What a great little entrance.

It looks so warm and cozy.

I'm hoping these two Canadian Geese aren't looking for a nesting place.  They were by the pond for a long time this weekend.  I don't want to get chased if I have to do some outdoor work in that area.  They're messy but they're beautiful!  I'm thrilled to have them come for a visit.

Friday morning we woke up to 10 cm/4 inches of snow.  It's gone now but it was still there around yesterday.  We actually reached 21.8°C/71.24 °F today.  NICE.

Since this is a random post, I thought I would show my granddaughter, Lily, looking at some books in the thrift store as I haven't really done a post about her in a while.  My how she loves books, I think she glanced at nearly every one on this rack.  Gammy ended up buying her some things from the thrift can you not?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post.  I always love to read your comments.

~ Kelly ~


  1. What amazing colours in your sunrise, it looks so fiery.

  2. I always enjoy your posts Kelly. I hope to have grandchildren one day, although my kids, currently 14 and 11 both say that there is absolutely no chance of that. We'll see.
    That sky is amazing! I love the ever changing sky, although for the most part, it's just been grey here lately.
    It's always fun to find little nests, even when they are where you don't particularly want them to be.
    Have a great week.

  3. Oh, that is so cute of Lily! And, those photos of the sunrise are just stunning! I think you did a great job of capturing the beauty. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow, what an incredible sunrise!! That is stunning. Some birds will try and make holes in nest boxes larger so that they can fit in, so I hope that it was a bird and not something else!

  5. We have those hooded merganser here in the river. I love how they dive and sometimes keep their butts up in the air. Those colors you captured are just gorgeous..and of course gramma's cannot turn down their grands when they want something. ;-) Janice

  6. Wow Kelly that was an amazing sunrise, I love the reflection into the window of the barn that was amazing capture, almost looks like there is a fire inside!! It is amazing where they decide to put a nest isn't it, we had birds going into our gas grill and making a nest in there, I had to clean it out and scrub everything down, we make sure we get the cover on the grill as soon as it cools down.
    It is great your granddaughter loves to read, I can imagine it is hard to not buy her something :)

  7. What a fabulous sunrise! You got some great shots Kelly! It is a nice change to see a child interested in books instead of electronics...Lily is so cute ☺

  8. That sunrise is amazing!! I've done the same thing, running from door to door hoping to get a good picture. It's funny how fast the colors in the sky change. I've never seen a sunrise quite this pretty and the reflection in the barn window is wonderful! Your live in such a pretty place. Little Lily is a cutie pie.

  9. The glory of Our God is surely spectacular! :0) have a Blessed Week dear lady :0) mari

  10. You are fortunate to see spectacular sunrises, the colours are breathtaking. My guess would be squirrels chewing the bird entrance holes, they seem to like chewing wood and have done a lot of damage to my tea house. One day I saw one with a cedar shingle from the roof of the tea house eating it like a sandwich. :-(
    Once we reach the grandma phase, we are allowed to spoil children . One of our grands when small wore a shirt that said 'if mom and dad say no, ask grandma' - how true. lol
    Happy Easter.

  11. Oh, what a gorgeous sunrise! Love the reflection in the barn window, too. So nice for you to see all the ducks, geese and the fox, too. Looks like you have the perfect place for the wild things. Funny about the chewed birdhouse. Animals do lots of damage - even pets :( They don't have a clue.....So sweet to see Lily looking at all the books. So precious. Wishing you a lovely Easter! xx K

  12. What an amazing sunrise you got to see! Oh wow! I hate it when the cameras just don't pick up what your eyes are seeing! And I loved hearing about the geese, ducks and fox that come to visit your pond, yes nature seems harsh doesn't it, one species is necessary for the other's survival, and that is hard. Sweet picture of your grand, how wonderful that she loves books at this young age :) Hugs to you today!

  13. What an amazing sunrise, it looks so fairy, Kelly.
    I wish you and your family an excellent Easter!

  14. Wow that was a brilliant sky. I rarely catch a sunrise (I'm not a morning person) so it was neat to see yours. Sometimes it's very hard to capture certain colors in a photograph. - You live near so much wildlife. I think it would be fun to see a fox in the wild. Your granddaughter is adorable.

  15. Kelly love your post!!! Pictures are amazing!!!!

  16. Hi Kelly, What gorgeous pictures. Lily is cute checking out the books; I know you are happy she enjoys books so much. Have a blessed Easter.

  17. Beautiful photos.. and beautiful granddaughter too.