Wednesday, April 19, 2017

10th Tea Cup Exchange

Hi Dear Friends,

Recently I joined in on the 10th Tea Cup Exchange with Stephanie @ The Enchanting Rose, this is my 4th exchange.  The person I received my package from was Wendy @  September Violets.  She has a wonderful blog, stop in and say hello when you have a chance, you can also see what she received.   I was definitely spoiled by Wendy, she sent so many wonderful things and you could see how much thought she put in to each and every gift.  Thank you Wendy.

Wendy sent two beautiful spring tea towels, lots of tea in sweet little gift bags and those cookies...well, they were gone within a couple of days.  I had to tape the box shut for the photo lol.  Wendy made the very pretty dish cloth nestled in the Ironstone pitcher, it goes perfectly with the tea towels.  And chocolate, who can resist that?  She also sent some cute little cookie cutters that you can see on top of the cookie box - a watering can, tea cup and tea pot.  Everything she sent was beautifully wrapped with so much detail.  Below is an absolutely beautiful wall hanging that Wendy made.  An embroidery ring with my blog name and beautiful flowers attached.  She made this for my craft room and that's exactly where I will be placing it.  It is such a personal gift and means the world to me.  She did a beautiful job.

Aren't the flowers pretty?

 Wendy knows that I love yellow, isn't it a beautiful tea cup?  It's perfect!  It's so fresh and bright.

This little creamer is adorable and it goes quite well with the tea cup.  When the two are together the yellow just pops.  I have already used it and enjoyed doing so - it's just so sweet.

As Wendy follows my blog, she knows how much I love Ironstone.  She said she came across this piece when searching for my tea cup.  I was thrilled.

Wendy made this tea/coffee cozy and it's yellow - she couldn't go wrong.  I absolutely love it.  I also love the display that was inserted into the cozy.  How cute is that?

The following gifts are the ones that I sent to my other tea cup buddy, Marina.  Marina loves nature, birds, gardening, embroidery, etc.

If you want to see all the wonderful gifts that people received, stop in at Stephanie's blog.

Thank you Stephanie for holding another wonderful tea cup (and mug) exchange, it has been a lot of fun as always and it's a great way to meet new friends.  I highly recommend it to everyone.

~ Kelly ~


  1. What a special package. Love that she made you the handmade wall hanging, so personal. That cup is pretty and the little creamer is just adorable.

  2. Oh Kelly...Wendy certainly showered you with love! Look at all those *so you* pretties. That tea cup is you in deed. That tea cup looks exactly like the first tea cup I received from this exchange of Stephanie's, but sadly, I was dusting, lost my balance and it fell out of my hand and broke. I have never forgotten the sadness and loss of that first tea cup.
    You embroidered hop is darling and will look lovely in your craft room.

    The gift you sent off is just as beautiful, Kelly.


  3. Good evening, Aunt Kelly! Oh my, oh my, oh my! I absolutely LOVE the embroidery Wendy sent to you. What a clever and beautiful idea :) Wendy certainly blessed you with an abundance of loveliness and the tea cup is simply lovely! It looks rather the one you sent me last year {{smiles}}

    I loved what you sent to Marina and I thought it was quite sweet of you to focus on what she enjoys.

    Thanks for joining the exchange again. Love you lots!

  4. Wendy chose a very pretty teacup for you Kelly and all the other goodies are lovely as well. The embroidered hoop is a special gift, and I know how innovative Wendy is in the craft department. I have a purple coffee cozy of hers from our Cate exchange and I enjoy using it.

  5. I adore the wall hanging Wendy included with your pretty yellow rose tea cup! It's always fun to see the gifts that folks receive. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Spoiled indeed. The embroidery is wonderful! A very special personal touch. Both the tea cups, the one you received and sent out are just beautiful.
    This was another fantastic exchange.
    My package hasn't arrived at its destination yet. I sent to Bangkok and am just hoping it gets there eventually...
    Have a great day Kelly,

  7. What lovely gifts.. Wendy did a beautiful/loving job. I love the wall hanging.. so very cute.. I really want
    Have a great day and a cup of tea.. smile

  8. Oh, what a lovely collection of goodies! I just LOVE the wall hanging for your craft room...what a kind heart Wendy has to do something so sweet. So thankful you had fun during the exchange...I surely did, too...looks like we were all abundantly blessed!!

  9. I'm loving all the goodies that Wendy carefully selected and handcrafted for you based on your interests! The yellow teacup is so pretty and your embroidered ring is perfect (Wendy has mad crafting skillz!). I'm sure that Marina appreciated the nature-themed package that you sent her.

  10. Your teacup is so cute! How nice to have your name in a stitchery. Janice

  11. Both packages are so pretty! I love that creamer! You are one lucky lady! :)

  12. The little creamer birdie is so cute. Lovely gift received and sent.

  13. I truly enjoyed getting to see what you received ! The birdie creamer was absolutely stunning! Everything was beautiful! This exchange has been so much fun and blessing ! Hope you have a blessed week!

  14. Such great gifts, that was just the sweetest with that embroidery, so nice of her to do!!

  15. Oh my word, Wendy put such thought and love into her package for you. What wonderful treasures!

    I kinda squealed over the birdie creamer. Just sayin - being Finch Rest blog and all, haha.

    Your package of wonderful items is awesome, too. We are so blessed that Stephanie is willing to work so hard for so many to receive such joy coming and going. She's a gem of a gal and we are very fortunate, indeed.

    This was my 3rd swap and I will never miss it, God willing.

  16. What a wonderful way this is to be blessed both in giving and in receiving! I love the gorgeous yellow teacup you received! And the wall hanging is amazing, so sweet of Wendy to make that for you! And the mug cozy, wow, such a nice touch... isn't it wonderful to be so sweetly blessed! You did a great job with Marina's package, the bag is a wonderful accessory to it all! Hoping spring is in your world today :)

  17. What a beautiful teacup! Have a great weekend ahead, Kelly :)

  18. Lovely teacup and such a wonderful friend to host such a sweet exchange. Janice

  19. Love seeing all the sweet tea exchange gifts! I follow Wendy's blog - she is so talented and kind. Love the special embroidery she made for your craft room. Lovely things sent to Marina, too. Such a pretty teacup and blue glass dishes. I missed the exchange this time, but hope to join the next one. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day. xx Karen

  20. ...Dearest Kelly, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the beautiful package I received here in the mountains. I blogged about it here
    You have no idea how that package brighten my whole week!!!!

    A little something is leaving for Canada soon :D blessings to you dear lady, mari

  21. What a sweet thing for you girls to do. I love that little creamer . . . it is adorable :)