Tuesday, August 08, 2017

In The Garden

Hi Friends,

Before summer ends, I wanted to post some photos of various flowers I currently have in bloom along with some other interesting things.

This guy lives at our pond.  Would you go swimming in there?  Not me...we believe it's a Snapping Turtle and I value my fingers and toes lol.  Mind you, I don't swim in there anyway so I guess I'm safe.  Or so I thought...it turns out he/she was walking across our lawn when my hubby called out to me, I finally saw him for real.  Prior to that, was he just a myth? I think not!  Now I watch if I get into longer grass (especially if I'm wearing sandals lol) as he took a short cut through an overgrown area back to the pond that day. 

The back end.


Okay, well maybe not.  Look at the wrinkles, he definitely appears to be an old guy.  The wear and tear on the shell also makes him appear old.

My hubby's foot (size 10 mens) in the background.  If his foot was right up close you would see that the turtle is a bit smaller than it appears.  But he wasn't taking any chances getting too close.

The following pictures are of the flowers I currently have in bloom on the property.  I think they were late blooming this year as almost the whole month of June it rained.  By rain I do mean torrential downpours and almost no sun.  It was a little depressing.  I'm so happy to see the flowers.

Other flowers have come and gone so these are just the current ones.

Garden Phlox

False Sunflowers

These are about 8 feet tall.

Chinese Lanterns

They're just starting to turn orange.  I love using these in my Autumn decor.


I love having an arrangement of these in the house, both in bloom or dried.

Black-Eyed Susan and Garden Phlox

Black-Eyed Susans are one of my favourite flowers.  Probably because yellow is my favourite colour.


False Sunflower?

Garden Phlox

Purple Coneflower

Globe Thistle

Black-Eyed Susan

Bachelor Buttons (second bloom)

I'm not sure what these are.  Does anyone know?

This little guy showed up at our door.  Check out the link, he' quite pretty.

Unfortunately, I found this one deceased in the driveway.  He's quite large and very beautiful.

Bee Balm and Shasta Daisies

(Okay, I cheated.  These two are no longer in bloom).

The last of the Shasta Daisies.  So technically, the plant is still in bloom?  LOL.

Purple Cornflower

Red Bee Balm

The hummingbirds love these.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my gardens.  The garden themselves are in a bit of disarray so I showed you the plants only.  Maybe next year...they're a work in progress.

Thanks for dropping by, I'm always so happy to have you.

~ Kelly ~


  1. So many of my favorites. I don't have big gardens now but years ago they were all my picks. The snapper looks mean Yikes! Boy he looks big! Thanks for the tour. Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Lovely to see what is growing so beautifully in your garden!

  3. My oh my, what beautiful blossoms! I so enjoyed seeing your delightful pictures.

    Love and hugs to you!

  4. Your blossoms are just gorgeous Kelly :0) I have most of the flowers you have shared except for the turtle :D lots of bunnies and birds though... :D mari

  5. Oh wow you have a wonderful variety of your lovely flowers, I love the purple cornflowers... our black eyed susan's are all dried up and brittle now, so sad :( Wow that is a big snapping turtle, I think you are wise being careful not to walk through the tall grass with that guy walking around. Enjoy the remainder of your summer :)

  6. So, pretty! But, oohh, I don't like that turtle, either! Thanks for sharing your lovely gardens!

  7. Your snapping turtle pics cracked me up! Your flowers are beautiful. I especially like the purple flowers (surprise, surprise!).

    It's been such an odd summer. Last week, we had a brief thunderstorm that damaged a tree and several fences in my neighbourhood.

  8. In the marsh where we live, there are always snapping turtles dead along the road as folks hit them in the Spring. I remember a big one crawling in my grammas yard once. My uncle grabbed a thick stick and had it chomp down. He and my other uncle picked each stick end up, put it in the back of the truck and drove it a mile to the river and let it go. So glad I did not run into it barefoot. Your flowers are so gorgeous! Janice

  9. Such beautiful flowers - all such old-fashioned cottage garden favorites! I love the globe thistles. We had snapping turtles in our pond when I was young and they would eat all the baby ducklings. They would always hiss if we came too close, so we knew to leave them be. They are certainly prehistoric-looking! xo Karen

  10. Kelly, I love all your flora and fauna! I adore cats, but must admit turtles are interesting, too.

  11. Wow! That turtle is a big one! Love the flowers, especially the hydrangeas and Chinese lanterns.

  12. Oh my, so many lovely blooms. I loved the tour! And no, I certainly wouldn't get to close that big guy, but I sure would love to have him around - he's wonderful. I adore turtles.
    So nice to be back around and visiting,
    Happy Autumn!