Sunday, January 31, 2016


My continuing project is that of stripping the remainder of the wallpaper border in the dining room.  I love Hydrangeas, just not as wallpaper.  There was a full wall of the complimentary wallpaper to this border but I'm unable to locate that photo at the moment, that was removed a year ago.  I'm thrilled to see it go.  The walls in this room are in fairly decent shape as this room is a newer section of the house but there is still some repair work to be done.  Most of the minor damage occurred when I was removing the wallpaper.  I came across a large daddy long leg that surprised me while I was doing this, I wasn't impressed!!!

This is a close up of the same corner.  I don't know if you can see it or not but the ceiling is also a textured wallpaper.  It's in almost every room, just different variations of it.  This one I don't like but my hubby has discouraged me from removing it at the moment so that the room isn't a total mess.  We have a light that has to be replaced and moved a few feet and he doesn't want to see a hole in the ceiling at this time.  I'm looking forward to a primitive chandelier of some type right above the table instead of a ceiling fan off to the side.  Technically, this wasn't a dining room until we turned it into one so there are a few changes to be made.

This is the wall that existed before the drywall was removed which then exposed the beautiful natural wood underneath.  This was the area that I had previously mentioned, it's actually the original outside wall of the house.  Sorry for the crooked photo - it's either the picture, the house or me.  I know the house is crooked but I'm starting to question myself LOL.

This is the same wall after the drywall was removed.  The wood is just beautiful.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the photo to show exactly what I was seeing.  There are many scratches that were created in the removal process.  We are planning on giving it a light sanding, fill the knot hole with matching wood and then decide at that point whether we want to stain it or paint it.  I hate to cover up the natural wood as it really is beautiful in person...but...painted wood is also nice. 

More photos will be shown as progress is made.  Stay tuned...


  1. Evening, I love the wood, looks so worn and wonderful.Blessings Francine.

  2. I'm pretty sure we had that exact same border when we lived in our Victorian house in town back in the late 90's!!! LOL I love the wood, it is beautiful!!!!! Can't wait to see what you decide :o)

  3. Wall paper on a ceiling...I wonder why? LOL Love the wood wall.
    Be blessed,

  4. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of all your hard work! Have a great week!

  5. Good morning,

    Wow, what a lot of work you have ahead of you! I believe you are going to have some gorgeous walls when you are finished.

    Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, but I do agree with you that the wallpaper border is not so spectacular. It does not fit the style of your home. However, I can just imagine a style of hydrangea wallpaper covering a wall of a cozy room in my fantasy cottage home, with plush armchairs and beside a bed ladened with lace-edged pillows.

    Happy Monday!

  6. Hi Kelly, while you are taking down wallpaper border, I am thinking about putting some up. Our home was built in 1905, but one of the owners put up that awful dark wood paneling back in the sixties. I have painted it and it has a nice cottage feel, but our walls are nine foot high and the paneling goes up eight feet and then has a tiny trim and one foot more of paneling. I have been thinking about putting up textured printable boarder . . . something with a tin tile texture and then adding more trim until that awful foot is covered. I think with the molding that we have already added around the ceiling, it should look pretty and add more to the cottage feel that I'm after. I just read the comment that you left on my blog and came over to visit yours . . . Love, love, love it. I have hit your friends connect following button #44 and hope that you will visit again and hit mine. I enjoy making new blogging friends. I'm also going to add you to my favorite blogs list :)
    Have a great day!
    Your new blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  7. looking forward to seeing what you decide about the wood. Enjoy your renovating.


  8. It's going to look beautiful when you are finished! I love the wood wall - what an exciting thing to find! x Karen

  9. Love the wood! Will be watching the progress!

  10. I am sure you are thrilled with getting that border paper down... wow I never heard of putting paper on a ceiling before, I don't mind the textured look myself so I would probably just keep it, our ceilings have a texture on them and it is fine with me. I love the look of wood but I don't know what I would do either, curious to see what you end up with :)

  11. I have had quite a nice time reading back through your blog posts and seeing your beautiful home! You have some beautiful antique pieces that compliment your home perfectly. I've stripped a lot of wallpaper from previous owners in my time, and my husband and I made a pact sometime ago that we will never wallpaper as it's so much work if you want to paint later. Wallpaper on the ceiling?! ugh!
    How exciting to find the wooden wall behind the drywall. I would think if you can sand it down just enough to take out the worst of the scratches, it would look really nice left unpainted. Whatever you decide, paint or not, it's going to look great. The French doors add such a nice welcome into the dining room. I'm looking forward to following your progress!

  12. beautiful wood. will be great either way.