Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Homespuns 'n Hayfields...What's in a Name?

Hi Friends!

This post is to share how my Homespuns 'n Hayfields blog name was created.

A farm girl in training...this is my 3 year old granddaughter Lily - don't worry, her Poppa is standing beside her.

So how did the name Homespuns 'n Hayfields come to be?  When I decided to start blogging I struggled to find a name that suited my interests.  I tried many names with the word farmhouse in such luck!  Every name I came up with was already in use.  I tried many other names...again. no such luck!  The names just weren't feeling right to me.

 I thought, what if I came up with two words with the word "and" in the middle?  Hmmm...what were some of the things I like? 

 I sewed crafts for many years, one of the fabrics I enjoyed working with the most was "homespun" fabrics.  I felt homespuns provided that perfect cozy, country look and for me it's all about the country.

I also think of the word homespun as being something handcrafted at home.

 I love the autumn colours in this fabric.

The "hay field" part of the name stems from my love of farm fields, especially hay fields.

  When I moved to my country home 2 years ago, there was already a hay field on the property.  How exciting!  

I made sure I took photos as I've been waiting for this most of my life.  The neighbours probably thought I was crazy lol!!

 This year my granddaughter, Lily, got to enjoy it with us.  She was just in awe of the bales and now she points out hay bales everywhere we go, she refers to them as "hay balers".

A few days after the hay was baled, I told her the farmer was going to take the bales away so he could feed his cows.  Her face dropped, she looked so sad.  She said, "that's Lily's hay!"  

My hubby found this bird's nest sitting on the ground after our hay field excursion.  I kept it of course.

One day we were sitting outside and Lily wanted to get some hay so she drove her little car across the driveway then walked into the hay field.  She was ahead of me and she went up to one of the bales, I heard her say "too big", then she started to walk to the next one.  I told her to pick up some pieces of hay instead, and so she did.  She got in her car to drive back to the house, keeping her arm outside of the car the whole time she drove.  I believe her intentions were to bring back the whole bale lol.

Lily feeding the hay to Mr. Bunny while Sneakers is playing foreman again.

I hope you enjoyed your little trip to the country.  

~ Kelly ~

What is the meaning behind your blog name?  I would love to read your comments.


  1. What a wonderful name and what a fun post.. I love homespun too.. The fabrics are just perfect fun
    for crafting.
    Lily is so adorable.

  2. I love how you found your blog name! Your homespun collection is beautiful and so is that sweet little Lily! You live in such a lovely place :) x Karen

  3. Hay bales always make me think of wartime years spent on a farm way in the country. In those days the hay was brought in by horses pulling the cart loaded with hay.

  4. Very interesting and fun post Kelly.
    Lily is so adorable :-))
    The name of my blog was obviously "The Reader's Tales", I love reading and I love sharing my recent and old readings. And over the years I always gave advice to my friends and work colleagues (recipes, museum exhibitions, nice restaurants, table decoration, etc.) at their request I added these rubrics to my book and lifestyle blog.

  5. I use to bale hay on my grandparents farm. Sometimes mice and snakes would get picked up in the baler....which was an adventure in itself. I love hearing how bloggers chose their names. Your homespuns are pretty and the name is fitting and hopefully it was Lily approved! Janice

  6. I really like your title to your blog, sounds homey :) So neat to see your granddaughter enjoying the farm. I have a very small collection of those fabrics myself.
    I went through the same thing with my blog but then my husband says well are you going to share all your crafts you do or just cardmaking and I said oh I will share everything and he said well you should call it connie's crafty creations, and I said OK :)

  7. Afternoon, love how you picked your blog name, great hearing how they came about. Beautiful homespun and love Lily in the hayfields.Blessings Francine.

  8. Love your blog's clever name and nice alliteration! Lily's dress is super cute! I wonder if they make it in adult sizes? HA!

    My blog's name reflects my tea hobby and I live in a valley.

  9. Lily is just adorable! Your blog name is perfect. I'm enamored with the hayfields where we live too. Your homespun fabric is beautiful. I'd love to touch it. :)

  10. I love the name. Your grand girl is so cute. Our munchkins play on the hay bales all the time.

  11. Hi Kelly,
    I love the name of your blog. The homespuns are so pretty. I didn't realize that you used to craft. What did you make? Your little grand daughter is a sweetie for sure! It looks like she enjoys visiting your farm. I really enjoy your photos. That barn and round bale look so perfect together. Thank you for your recent visit and kind comment. I'm so glad that you enjoy my posts. It's always a pleasure to have you visit! Best wishes for your week..


  12. I love the homespun fabrics! I like how you came up with your name as it fits your style to a "T" :) Your Lily is adorable, and I love the shot of her on top of the bale. I'm now seeing huge rectangular bales of hay in this area. About three times the size of the old smaller rectangular bales. I never used to like the round bales when people started changing to them, but now I kind of like them.
    My name came with the help of my husband. I wanted the name "Violet" (my mother's name) in it somehow and also September, since that's my birthday month (weirdly enough also my favourite month of the year). I tried several names too, but none of them were available. My husband said "why not September Violets, and that was it. My mother had recently passed away, and I wanted her name since I used to share all my crafty makes with her. Now I share them with my blogging friends.

  13. Loved learning about how you decided on a your blog's name. You found a good one! Your little granddaughter is so adorable, and the story about her going out to get hay made me smile.

    My blog's name came from Patrick Henry's famous speech, "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."