Monday, July 17, 2017

A Barn Wedding - Sneak Peek

Hello Friends,

I just wanted to let you know I'm alive and well...well maybe.  We have gone through months of trying to get our property and barn ready for the big day.  My hubby said last night, "honey, not only are we alive but we survived".  Or something like that...I was half asleep when he said it lol.

Getting ready for this event has been very exhausting, there never seemed to be enough time and many weekends it just rained and rained so it really slowed down the progress.  Of course weekends were when we were ready to go at things.

On top of this, my elderly dad had to have cancer surgery.  He will be 90 in a few weeks.  He was released from the hospital into our care a day before some of my hubby's family members showed up to help.  They were here for basically a week and what a great help they were.  This allowed me some time to care for my dad but still trying to sneak in the odd thing that had to be done.  In reality, there really wasn't much time for that as I didn't want to leave him alone.  I would be so grateful for your prayers for his healing.  He has been having a rough time.  He doesn't have the results yet as far as whether they removed all the cancer but with his age, the healing process is so much more difficult.

So here it is, a VERY SMALL sneak peek into the wedding.  I will try to finish the complete post as soon as I can but things are still busy with my dad here.  So stay tuned.

The ceremony took place outside.

I tried to do a previous post on another subject but it's still sitting there for now so stay tuned.  The photo editor I was using just isn't cooperating.  Any suggestions?  I'm looking for another freebie.

I miss visiting with all of you, blogging seems like a distant memory right now - how sad.  I'm so looking forward to catching up with life a bit and things returning to normal.  

In the barn...

Thank you for visiting and I always enjoy reading your comments.  Take care.

~ Kelly ~


  1. Busy seasons happy in all lives. I pray your dad will heal quickly from his surgery. Your barn photos are a pretty glimpse of a special event. Looking forward to seeing more when you have time. As to photo editors - I use the downloaded Picasa version - but I don't know if it's available anymore.

  2. It's understandable that you wouldn't find time for goodness, you have had your plate full! I'm sorry to hear about your dear Father, but it must be comforting for him to know that he is in good and loving hands. The wedding looks amazing and a true labor of love. Looking forward to seeing more. I use the basic photo editor provided with Microsoft 10 and it works great. Hope you find one you like. Sending prayers for your Dad. hugs xo karen

  3. From just the sneak peek I can see the wedding was amazing! My oh my, what a beautiful place to get married :) I certainly look forward to more pictures.

    Thinking of you, Aunt Kelly. Please know that we are praying for Grandpa.... Love and hugs to you!

    P.S.-I am loving the tea cup you sent me! It's definitely among my top 5 favorites {{smiles}}

  4. Oh, I am SO sorry about your Dad's illness. Bless your heart, I know how difficult this is. I remember reading on dear Debbie's blog about her father-in-law's surgery, so now I think I am figuring it out...Debbie's husband must be your brother? Am I right? LOL! Sorry to be nosy...just trying to sort it all out how you are all related! Oh, the wedding looks just beautiful!! I can't wait to see more...I am not help with the photo issue. I hope you can figure it out! God bless you and give you strength to care for your dear Dad.

  5. Continued prayers for your Dad Kelly, with all the TLC from family I'm sure he'll be feeling better soon.
    The sneak peek of the wedding is a real teaser, can't wait t see more photos.
    I use the photo editing on my Mac but also the free version of PicMonkey that offers all kinds of fun things.

  6. Kelley, the wedding must have been wonderful. Love the barn light. Prayers for your dad's healing process to go smooth and fast. I use Pic Monkey for my photo editor. Janice

  7. I hope all will be well for your Dad and that the wedding goes/went really well.

  8. I'll remember your dad in my prayers. I'm looking forward to seeing the barn wedding photos. Love the rustic chandelier!

  9. Oh I do pray all goes well for your dad . WOW ! busy times for you all . lovely photos . I used Pic Monkey for free for a long time then figured aw what the heck I pay for it now and it is only $33 a year that cheap for all it can do just as good and easier to use then photo shop that's for sure .. Glad all went well and you had decent weather for the wedding looking forward to all the pics . We need rain down this way badly it has missed us every time . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  10. Oh prayers are with you during this time. Thank you for letting us know how you are doing :0)

  11. The day after our wedding my husband and I said repeatedly that there was nothing about the event that we would have done differently. Every aspect of the NYC wedding venues was perfection. It was everything we hoped for - and more.

  12. Thanks for stopping by. I forgot to mention in my post that the wedding was for my husband's nephew. Considering we weren't completely ready it was a wonderful day. I bet the NYC wedding venues are beautiful, I'm so glad that everything went very well for you and special memories were made.

  13. Oh Kelly, I can only imagine how hectic this all was for you, having your father be sick in the midst of all that you had going on! The pictures you shared are gorgeous! I know it was a beautiful event and special memories were made... the outdoor scene looks so fabulous! Hopefully life will settle down a bit for you now that the big day has come and gone and you survived :) Hugs to you my friend!

  14. I am sorry I missed your post :( I have been thinking about you, I should have stopped by and checked to see if you had posted. It looks like you had a lovely set up for the wedding.
    Sorry to hear about your Dad's cancer, it is so hard to recover the older you get that's for sure. Will check out your next post and see if there is an update on how he is doing.

  15. I am so sorry about your dad. I read your recent post.. so happy to hear they got the cancer. Will add him to my prayer list.
    The wedding will be beautiful.. Look forward to photos.